Hall Pass – “Brownies… Of The Pot Variety”

Gentlemen, look what I got here. What are those? Oh, just some brownies… -…of the pot variety. HOG-HEAD: Whoa. -What? -We’re not on spring break. -Where’d you get those? -From the guy who cleans my office. -Come on, who’s in? -Ehh. Ahh …. No. Come on, you squares. It’s not the same as when you […]

Car horn install video. Low tone.

So on a Toyota Tacoma, when you press the horn, it’s got a super high pitched whiny little horn. We’re going to fix that today. So I got the front grill off. Basically it’s just some little tabs up here at the front. Every car is going to be a little bit different. No screws […]