The Differences between American Football and Canadian Football (NFL vs CFL) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh Explains the Difference between American Football and Canadian Football. This is a game of American Football. This is a game of Canadian Football. They both look the same, so they must be the same sport, right? Well – no. Not quite. There’s several rule differences between the two that makes them almost completely different […]

Så byter du fjädrar bak på VW GOLF 5 (1K1) [AUTODOC-LEKTION]

Nödvändiga verktyg: Stålborste WD-40 aerosol Brake cleaner Kopparpasta Skiftnyckel Nr18 Hylsa nr.18 Krafthylsor för fälgar Nr17 Spärrnyckel Momentnyckel Kofot Hydraulisk transmissions domkraft Hjulkloss 1. Höj bilens bakre del och säkra fästdelarna. 2. Skruva av hjulbultarna. Använd hjulmutterhylsor nr. 17 AUTODOC rekommenderar: För att undvika att skada dig, håll upp hjulet när du skruvar loss bultarna. […]

The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Ultimate (Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate Flying Disc) Ultimate, sometimes referred to as Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate Flying Disc, is a game played by two teams, with 7 players on each team taking to the field at any one time. The object of the game is for your team to score […]

The Rules of Badminton – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Badminton Badminton, is a game played as singles (where one person plays against one person) or doubles (where two people play against two people). The object of the game is for you or your team to win 2 sets faster than your opponent. To win a set, you must score […]

Rules of Badminton EXPLAINED! | SINGLES Badminton Rules | Badminton Training in Hindi

what are the rules of badminton? How do we count the score? lets find out! A badminton match has 3 games You need to win 2 games out of 3 to win the match each game has 21 points The first to reach 21 points wins the game Revati and I will now play an […]

The Rules of Gaelic Football – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the RULES of Gaelic Football. Gaelic Football is an Irish sport played with two teams of 15 players each. The game is played on a field that’s generally a maximum of 145m x 85m. These are the goals which are 6.5m wide and the crossbar which is 2.5 m above the ground. Unlike […]

The Rules of American Football – EXPLAINED! (NFL)

Ninh explains:- The Rules of American Football The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. Teams are made up of 46 players in the NFL, with 11 players taking the field at any one time. The field is 100 yards long by 53 yards wide, with […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Super Bowl is just around the corner, I’m gonna be having some friends over this Sunday to celebrate. And, I’m gonna be making some football themed treats today. We are gonna be making something sweet, savory and refreshing! The first treat that I’m gonna be making are these Peanut Butter and […]

MONTE REI, Portugal | GOLF COURSE REVIEW Of One Of The Best Golf Courses In The World

Hello everybody and welcome, my name is Yves, I’m with Expert Golf and today I’m going to take you round one of the finest golf courses in the world. Monte Rei is located in Portugal, in the Algarve to be precise and if you look at our golf guide at, it is ranked number […]

How to Recondition Batteries at Home: Battery Reconditioning Guide You Tube

How to Recondition Batteries at Home:Battery Reconditioning Guide hi my name is Tom Erikson and then the short presentation I’m going to reveal something to you that the big battery making corporations don’t want you to know it’s a secret that could cost them billions of dollars but their loss is your gain because you’re […]