Game Grumps Animated – Golf Gods – by ThePivotsXXD

*Intro, Arin laughs* Dan: Uhhhhhm… How do you do this? Arin: Uhhhhm… let’s see, go up the ball. The tee is… Where’s- Where’s the… the hole? I’m assuming it’s this way. And then, red is the good stuff? Red’s the good stuff. Dan: Wait, what? What are you doing? Arin: Aaaaand I will the driver. […]

Game Grumps Animated – Football – by The Smash Toons

do you believe it I don’t know what goddamn thing about the picketing the games big yeah all right well you do know this very basic thing with football to run to the guy with the ball and beat the shit out of the muggy day long to beat the shit well haha what fucking […]