Archery | Left or Right?

Hey guys, this is a very quick video covering a very common beginner question when buying a bow. And that is the question of whether you get left- or right-handed equipment. This usually pops up because there are various items and accessories which go on the left side for example but are labelled as right-handed. […]

What is the Best Golf Grip?

hi this is matt founder of the mr. short game golf i can’t do it i can’t do it all right there you go i tried to be serious i know i know i just can’t be that golf instructor can’t do it so sorry about that anyways today we’re talking about a golf grip […]



Hello Everyone Welcome back to the channel Today we will be looking at a hot topic on how Lin Dan and Olympic silver medalists Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon did NOT get any ranking points for playing at the Gwangju Korea Masters. BWF just released the latest BWF world rankings and Olympic qualification […]


Now, we’re always talking about football boots, but even if you find the perfect boot for you it can still kind of suck if you have a bad football sock. Myself, I have tried a s**t tonne football socks over the years good and bad. Really, really bad. So today, I’m giving you my top […]

How To Regrip Your Golf Clubs at Home!

ah that’s my voice echoes hear that it echoes when I talk over the thing plus my pass out these are the sonar grips these are the TS ones Janice’s compound fingerprint technology I don’t know what any of that means today we’re just gonna install up a little more comprehensive view after I have […]

Be the worlds greatest feeder – Badminton Famly

How can you be the best feeder in the world? Perhaps just a really good feeder? And why is it good to be able to be a good multishuttle feeder? well, the answer is very simple. If I am good as a feeder my sparring partner will have much better chances of using all the […]

GOLF: How To Match Your Grip With Wrist Conditions In The Golf Swing

Hey guys in today’s video We’re going to talk about matching the grip you have with wrist conditions through your swing Based on what grip you have? Do you need to adjust wrist conditions? And how do you do that? So stay tuned I’m gonna go through all that Alright guys, so let’s talk about […]

Badminton-Play To Win 3: Basic Grips

Grip and Posture ok lets see grip now, I think grip is very very important because if you have wrong grip, you are likely hit the wrong shot its like when you wear jumper, you put top button wrong then you finish with wrong button later so it does not matter how you do it […]

10 Funny BADMINTON Commentary from Steen Pedersen

What a rally ….!!! Hehe… it was a little bit funny looking at .. Anders Rasmussen… when he finally got up from the floor he looked like he needed a GPS to figure out where he was. Isn’t that terrific? What a reaction! from Chen Qingchen. Are they related – Chen Qingchen and Joachim Fischer? […]