Football, Dementia, and the Future of Sports

[♪ INTRO] From Little League to college football to the World Cup, sports is a huge industry. We play on neighborhood teams as kids, root for our favorite professional athletes, and buy millions of dollars’ worth of branded merchandise each year. But even if you don’t personally care what the next big sportsball thing is, […]

A Day in the Life: Rainbow Wahine Volleyball

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

There are all kinds of balls used in sports, with different sizes, shapes, and designs, depending on the sport’s needs and history. But there’s something especially weird about golf balls: their dimples. There are more than 300 dimples on a standard golf ball, and they’re there for more than just aesthetics. Dimpled golf balls can […]

6 Bacteria with Awesome Superpowers

[ ♪ Intro ♪ ] Bacteria. They’re never going to officially become superheroes in the Marvel or DC universes, but some of them probably should be. They’ve been around for about 3.5 billion years, and some of them have also evolved pretty incredible abilities, which let them survive in almost every potential scenario on Earth. […]

Living Off The Grid Defined and Explained.

Hello youtube Bill andRosa our off grid solar cabin Just wanted to talk to you for a moment about off the grid living. here lately we are getting a lot of ah negative feedback on people saying that we don’t live off grid. and others they slam they say don’t live off grid so in […]

Basic Golf Lessons : Golf Etiquette

OK, all the things that you should do when you’re on a golf course is you should be ready to hit your ball, you should move at an appropriate speed to your next shot. If somebody else is swinging, don’t make loud noises, don’t be answering your cell phone. If there’s people in front of […]

Homemade electric go kart for kids in vintage style – DIY build – part 1

Electric retro car in vintage style Step by step project trailer Wooden construction oaken frame handmade parts DC engine 350 W two 12V batteries Speed projected to 9MPH Handmade upholstery After some time… Off road ready Want more ? Subscirbe me

Budget Solar Installation Part One

Markerbuoy: Hi, everyone, Markerbuoy with you again out in the woods off grid. First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to all of you, my loyal subscribers. I truly appreciate all of you signing on and watching the videos on my channel. I love to hear from you all and do my […]

Budget Solar Installation Part Two

hi everyone Markerbuoy here out in the woods off-grid with the second part of my simple solar installation in part 1 I mounted three solar panels on the roof of my shop and ran the wires ready to be hooked up to 12 volt batteries via a charge controller. Today I’m going to mount the […]

Our Off Grid Solar Cabin Update 3-29-2015 (tiny home)

hello youtube Bill and Rosa at our off grid solar cabin we uh came home for our 34 hour reset took an extra day but uh you see its late in the afternoon but i worked on cleaning up fields and all got my ditch all took care of there put up some fence and […]