♪♪ One of the great companies and great people that I know in the game of golf is Adam Sheldon. How are you, sir?>>I’m good. Thank you.>>It’s so good to see you.>>Good to see you again, Mike.>>So, Adam has taken and brought a brand that has legend status across the world into the United States, […]

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors – Hybrid – Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

Getting older and a little slower? Improve your swing with the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors from Golf Clubs Fore Less. Hybrid golf clubs are perfect for improving your swing. As golfers get older and up into their senior years, their golf swing slows down quite a bit. Irons get harder to hit as well. […]

Kid’s First Time Hitting Golf Clubs

again Mike Dojc, slinging birdies, it’s a dreary rainy day we are at a baseball diamond because the driving range is closed due to inclement weather too much water so what we’re doing today is looking at an XJ set from Callaway this kid is starting to play golf for the first time I am […]


Got us a nice day of mini golfing I love miniature sports. It’s good take a look at this game So today we’ll be playing mini golf like we have an interesting meaning golf course over here groundskeeper Joey set up a real nice course for us. Yeah. I had this vision what you call […]

Elevate Your Golf Game at Revere Golf Club

One of the great destinations in the U.S. is Las Vegas, Nevada, yet many may not have considered Vegas as a travel spot for golf until now. Vegas golf is in full force, and with so many amazing courses offering variety and unique course design, it’s time to book your trip to Sin City with […]


Hey, welcome to “Golf Life.” I’m joined by a long-term — How long have we known each other? What, 25?>>At least 25 years.>>Maybe 25 years. I actually started “Golf Life” and the company here in the Vail Valley, and Alice Plain, from the Vail Golf Club, joins us here on “Golf Life,” and so good […]

Golf Tips & Techniques : How to Clean Golf Clubs

Hi! David Anderson for Expert Village. We are here at the Golf Club at Star Ranch to demonstrate some golfing tips, some golfing etiquettes, and things to improve your game, things to shave some strokes off your score. A lot of times when you are on a golf course and you may pick up some […]

Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Using the Sand Wedge

This is Johnny Miles from The Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona with another hot golf tip for Expert Village. What I’m going to talk about right now is the sand wedge. Just the name says what it’s only good out of sand. Well I’m sorry. The sand wedge, your putter and your […]


>>When you walk in here, first thing we want to do, we want to look at your ability level, your swing speed. Let’s look at your launch angle, your spin conditions, what type of shafts you’re currently playing, and then let’s hit some balls.>>So, we’ll set you up with the 737 V’s, which is our […]