What’s inside an Exploding Golf Ball?

(slicing sound) – Hey, welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Dan, and I’m here with this exploding golf ball. So, I’m about to go to the driving range, I’m going to try to trick Lincoln. He’s never seen one of these before, so I’m going to give it to him and put it on the […]

SportsPress for Cricket

Introducing SportsPress for Cricket, a free extension for SportsPress made specifically for Cricket Clubs. Once you’ve installed SportsPress for Cricket, in addition to all the features packed in SportsPress, you’ll be able to add a row to record extras, automatically calculate total event performance, swap bowlers from the home and away team in the scorecard, […]

Golf Drill – The Correct Right Arm / Shoulder Movement

Hi Robin here. If you’ve videoed your swing, you’ve seen the club crossing the line at the top, or you’ve seen that your club shaft is getting very steep coming down. You heard lots of shots of the toe of the club, you’ve heard toe shots, high weak cut shots to the right. You’re probably […]


– Hi, Adam Bazalgette here in beautiful Naples, Florida. I’m two-time PGA Teacher of the Year Award winner, founder of Scratch Golf Academy, great subject today, how to start the downswing correctly. (upbeat music) So how to start the downswing correctly, boy that’s an important subject, affects your consistency, how solidly you can hit the […]

What’s inside a Golf Driver Head?

– Welcome back to “What’s Inside?”. I’m Dan, and this is Lincoln. And we’ve been thinking about what we can cut open next, and we decided, you know, we’ve got these drivers laying around from our favorite sport, which is golf. I have this TaylorMade Burner, white hot driver, and – I have a Tour […]

Best Birdie Noise in Golf!

– Welcome to Sand Hollow Golf Course in Hurricane, Utah. This is one of the signature courses in all of Utah. It’s consistently rated the number one golf course in Utah. If you didn’t watch episode one, this is episode two right now. But on episode one, we decided to have a challenge with the […]

How to Play Mini Golf, Part 2 – Tips & Keeping Score

You’ve mastered the basics of mini golf. Now it’s time to become a pro! Maybe your golf ball has found itself in a sand trap; or maybe it’s in a stone hazard. DO NOT hit the ball out of the hazard. Instead, pick the golf ball out of the sand or stones and place it […]


What’s inside My Golf Bag?

What’s inside the WORLD’S LONGEST Golf Club?