How To Teach The Mental Game Of Golf To A Teen – Craig Sigl

It’s the 18th hole and my 15 year old son, AJ walks up to the green. He takes his time eyeing his ball that is laying about 25 feet from the hole. It’s a double breaker that requires a bit of an uphill putt. He needs to make this shot in (one stroke?)to win his […]

Custom CD Player and PA System on a Bintelli Electric Vehicles Street Legal Golf Cart

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar Electric Vehicles. Our friends up at VAE Systems up in Virginia had this vehicle custom built for them. They are going to be giving tours around their port and they wanted to make sure their passengers could hear the driver while on the tour. So they wanted us […]

Lake Erie Golf Cars – Your Premier Golf Cart Dealer

Lake Erie Golf Cars is the Cleveland area’s go-to resource for golf carts and UTVs. We provide new, used, and rental vehicles from brands such as Yamaha, EZGO, Cushman, and Bad Boy Buggies. We take pride in having a car for every budget, and we offer financing rates to help you get behind the wheel […]


♪♪♪♪>>Thank you, Golf Gods, for having us out.>>Ow!>>Have fun out there. Scramble format. It’s gonna be a great day.>>Oh, we got the mike. Oh, man. ♪♪♪♪>>I’ve known Golf Gods for about five or six years, when we both started on social media, and we’ve become friends. They live in Australia. I live out in L.A., […]

TaylorMade Redefines the Store and Golf Shopping Behavior

John Gonzalez, Vice President of Director to Consumer, Taylormade Golf Company TaylorMade is the number one golf brand in the world. We’re a leader in product innovation, the number one driver on tour for 15 years and counting, and so we pride ourselves on that. The golf industry is a fairly traditional industry. It’s one […]

How to change EZ GO Golf cart CLUTCH (Driven/secondary clutch)

took a little heat

EZ GO golf cart gas conversion – HF Predator 13hp (2 of 2)

Ok so got the torque converter on. Missed a little video but that’s alright It’s just a one inch torque converter. On the 13 horse predator engine we got for $100. It had it had the scratches on the tank right there you can see and so they discounted it to a hundred bucks. So […]

Aluminum Frame 4pr Sport Street Legal Golf Cart for Sale – Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Hi everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar electric Vehicles. Today I am pleased to show you a product demonstration on the 4PR Street Legal Golf Cart. What I am going to do is go over it front to back to show you some of the different specifications of the cart, show you some of the […]

VW MKV Golf Automatic Hatch Pop Kit Install DIY | USP Motorsports

Hi Guys, Chris here from USP Motorsports. Today, we’re going to be doing an install on our MK5 Rabbit. We’re going to be doing the automatic Hatch Pop Kit. It consists of a few parts that you’re going to be changing out. It’s going to be the shock absorber, the shock peg, and also the […]