Choosing Golf Grips And How To Establish The Correct Size

Hello I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I’m going to talk about the best upgrade you can make on your golf clubs. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] [HIT] Okay. So what is the best upgrade you can make on your golf clubs? Well I think the best upgrade you can make no matter what the […]

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Golf Stereotypes | Which One are You?

that’s fine I’m really I’m really just working on my game today not really keeping score it’s fine come down and work on that all right just stay down on that a little bit you just came up stay down yeah you’re peeking still looking up a little bit holy here so you see that […]

How to Play Draw and Fade Golf Shots!

driving-range date today let’s do it okay let’s get started on our range day today we’re gonna step it up we’re gonna be a little more precise with everything we’re doing so first thing we want to do is shoot 50 yards that’s 56 yards so that’s the shortest I want to go and I […]

Left Hand Golf Club Release Drill

Hello. I’m Brin Fitzgerald The Golf Docotor. Welcome to my channel. If this is your first time here. This cahannel is all about helping you play better golf. And one of the best things you can do to play better golf is to click on the subscribe button and click on the bell notification and […]


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Get More Distance – Should You Lift Your Heel in Your Golf Swing?

in this video we’re gonna talk about our our heel to to lift or not to lift I guess that’s the question let’s do it okay so we’re trying to figure out this left heel should we lift it or should we not a lot of guys on tour some do some don’t matthew wolf […]

Top Golf Gifts for 2019 | Black Friday Cyber Monday Golf Deals

all right how is everybody doing today I’m gonna give you my top gifts for the 2019 holiday season for the golfer in your life let’s do it all right let’s jump right into it now all of the links for these products will be in the description below so be sure to check that […]

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