♪♪ One of the great companies and great people that I know in the game of golf is Adam Sheldon. How are you, sir?>>I’m good. Thank you.>>It’s so good to see you.>>Good to see you again, Mike.>>So, Adam has taken and brought a brand that has legend status across the world into the United States, […]


>>When you walk in here, first thing we want to do, we want to look at your ability level, your swing speed. Let’s look at your launch angle, your spin conditions, what type of shafts you’re currently playing, and then let’s hit some balls.>>So, we’ll set you up with the 737 V’s, which is our […]

Ewheels – the best upgrade for your push cart?

this is EWheels from Alphard golf and this is a device that I was looking for since it was doing the Kickstarter and for $600 it’s a bargain, it turns your push cart into an electronic caddie Alphard Golf uses Clicgear 3.5 as their display model so I got myself one too but then the […]

CaddyTrek – Technically Speaking Golf Edition

ANDRU EDWARDS: I’m Andru Edwards, and you’re watching Technically Speaking brought to you by National Car Rental, the official rental car of the PGA of America. Today, we are at the PGA merchandise show, where golf fans and golf pros come to check out all the latest gear from the world of golf. Today I […]