Golf Club Fitting Guide – Factors to Consider When Getting Fitted

– So now that we’ve helped you build up a really good consistent golf swing that hopefully is helping you improve your golf, it’s now important that we make sure that the golf clubs can also help you improve your golf. So when you get yourself a set of clubs we need to make sure […]

Can I Break My Record From The Front Tees? | Part 1 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we are back in Nashville back from Hawaii definitely missing that warm weather but always glad to be back in Nashville but why was incredible thanks so much Ryan for hosting me there those courses were incredible trip of a lifetime for sure so thankful […]

Playing Golf With A Lacrosse Ball | Loser Sings In Public | Featuring GM Golf And The Crew

that was really good all righty we found it just know that you’re singing that’s all I know it’s pretty good Oh hit the pin yes he is playing barefoot by the way just in case y’all wanted to know that what is up with Garrett Matt Steven we’re gonna revisit a challenge that I […]


hey everybody Danny Maude here head professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent if you clicked on this video you’re probably looking at a couple of things you’re looking at getting more power in your game or you’ve kind of looked at this all you’ve heard it’s time called laggy you want to know […]

7 Iron Only Challenge With Brodie Smith And GM Golf

that needs to go not the best situation oh that actually looks really good I got these guys I think ridiculous perfect spots wrong right at the cup what is up guys we are out here at the little course here in Franklin Tennessee got the whole crew here we got Brody we got Matt […]

Can I Break Par? | Part 2 | Golfing At Ko’olau Golf Club In Hawaii

what is up y’all welcome back to Ko’olau this is part two of a two-part series vlogging all 18 holes are on to the back nine a little quick update from the front nine how many lost balls so my goal was to I had a dozen balls I lost three I’ve got nine left […]

Golf Match VS GM Golf | Loser Buys Random Stranger Dinner

That was really good that might actually get to the green Garrett here is kind of on a roll right now it’s a little scary when Garrett gets on roles Oh did that hit the pen what is up hope you are having a wonderful day we are out here at sunflower Hills with GM […]

Golf Scramble With GM Golf | Public Embarrassment For Losing Team

every now and then I can putt right what are your thoughts about Matt in general what’s up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at the Junior course again with the GM Golf crew everyone right here behind me we’re gonna do a little 2 man scramble teams it’s me and […]

Can I Break Par? | Part 1 | Golfing At Ko’olau Golf Club In Hawaii

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day where we at today today we are at Ko’olau Golf Club and when it was built it was the toughest course in the nation and I think you’re gonna see why today this place looks insane look at this mountain behind Hawaii’s been incredible I […]