The Best Chipping Drills to Fix Your Golf Game!

it’s chipping day today let’s do it okay first thing up today we’re gonna go short chips okay one bag shag short chips to a short flag open-faced we’re gonna open the face of these and we do short chips with the open 60-degree or highest lofted wedge make sense and the reason we want […]

How To Fix Your Early Release! 5 Simple Golf Tips!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the dreaded early release syndrome and so today in this video I’m gonna give you some some tips that’s gonna fix you up let’s go all right thanks for stopping by again a lot of a lot of you have been asking about how to fix that […]

The Top Reason People Hate Golf!

today I’m starting a new series of why I hate golf this is this will be Episode one of a billion episodes do you notice anything about about what’s going on here anything stand out to you they move over anything look at this there’s a there’s a hole for a team the rubber teeth […]