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Forge Ahead | Discover Battery™

At Discover Energy we are pushing the envelope with brand new technologies finding new ways to double and triple productivity with battery systems that require minimum maintenance, run longer charge faster and are lighter enabling Original Equipment Manufacturers the ability to innovate their products and giving users enhanced productivity. And this is how we do […]

Dash Caddie: Alan Ferebee

My name is Alan Ferebee. I’m a head golf professional here in New Bern North Carolina with over 27 years of experience in the golf industry. We use the Dash Caddie for our golf lessons Helps us keep organized with our day to day lesson schedule. I recommend the Dash Caddie to other PGA Professionals. […]

Touring Town Center on Golf Carts

Hey guys, this is Jay Wilkerson with ICI Homes here in Siena at Town Center. I’m here at Ponte Vedra Golf Carts with Jason. Jason, nice to meet you. How you guys doing? Good to see you. Jason’s given us the honor of having one of his beautiful golf carts here for the afternoon. We’re […]

Ewheels – the best upgrade for your push cart?

this is EWheels from Alphard golf and this is a device that I was looking for since it was doing the Kickstarter and for $600 it’s a bargain, it turns your push cart into an electronic caddie Alphard Golf uses Clicgear 3.5 as their display model so I got myself one too but then the […]

Best Golf Push Carts Review | HG Guideline

Best Golf Push Carts Review | the model 3.5 Plus golf pushcart like the bag boy quad excel golf cart features a handbrake feature which we absolutely love it’s so good the luxury of not having to move an inch to lock the push cart quite honestly makes this cart very very appealing to us […]

E-Z-GO Golf | Get Real – Bellerive Country Club

My name is Mike Tucker and I’m the director of golf here at Bellerive Country Club in st. Louis Missouri. I’m in my 30th year as a golf professional. I’ve been lucky to be a part of the PGA of America involved in local governance as a national board member and I’m also very competitive […]

Dash Caddie: George Zaytoun

Well, what the issue was is I would put stuff in the cubby holes in the dash, my phone, my rangefinder, my money my wallet, stuff like that. Well it’s really dark in there and it’s really hard to see. Um, so I would tend to leave things in there after golf. Wouldn’t realize it […]

I Crashed A Self-Driving Vehicle!

My dog crashed the self-driving vehicle ♪ intro music Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video and it’s time for another story starring this guy You Starring you Yeah! he could care less honestly, so Yes, I somehow managed to crash self-driving vehicle. I don’t have a treat for you. He thinks I […]

Connecticut RV Dealer & Camper Sales | Pete’s RV Center

Karl Raacke: Hey campers. My name’s Karl Raacke, Marketing Admin at Pete’s RV Center. I want to be one of the first people to thank you for thinking Pete’s RV on your search for your next RV. Currently I’m standing at 417 John Fitch Boulevard in South Windsor, Connecticut, in front of our dealership. As […]