Advice for Young Volleyball Players | Youth Olympic Games

The tip I can give to the athletes that are starting in beach volleyball or any other sport is understanding that in sport there are good moments and bad moments. In the start of the career the bad moments are bigger than the good moments. Dedication and do it for pleasure. That makes the suffering […]

Volleyball to Remember: Karch Kiraly

Subscribe to Volleyball Explained! Almost everyone who knows volleyball will tell you that Karch Kiraly at age 27 is the best player in the United States. If not, the world Wide battery I Got my start in volleyball when I was just six years old My father gave me he was my first teacher my […]

Yumilka Ruiz [CUB] on the battle for Volleyball gold at Sydney 2000

I was one of the main star players of the team. We were the strongest team at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and we had been preparing to defend against that. We knew the kind of responsibility that we had as there had never been a triple Olympic champion, in consecutive Olympics. Russia had the best […]

2017 Canada Summer Games: Manitoba wins Gold in female volleyball

So Team Manitoba picks up the gold medal in the female volleyball competition at the Canada Summer Games. Emma Parker from Team Manitoba. Emma what is the feeling first of all, especially when you made that last point? What was the feeling know that you had won gold at home? It really didn’t hit me […]

How Carolina Marin Defeated Asia’s Badminton Domination | Game Breakers

History being made. The world number one. For the first time ever, we’ve got a Spanish player. Chinese players have been dominant in this event. But no longer. Her speed of shot, speed of movement. speed around the court… No other female athlete from her country has ever won. The left-handed Spaniard… Carolina Marin. (GAME […]

Volleyball Serving Challenge with Dominican Republic Women’s Team

We’re the Women’s Volleyball team, and welcome to the serving challenge.

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

There are all kinds of balls used in sports, with different sizes, shapes, and designs, depending on the sport’s needs and history. But there’s something especially weird about golf balls: their dimples. There are more than 300 dimples on a standard golf ball, and they’re there for more than just aesthetics. Dimpled golf balls can […]

Badminton Challenge: How Fast Can You Smash? | Behind The Games

Theres seventeen sports to go and see when the Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow next summer and I’m here to tell you about the ones that you simply can’t miss. Badminton. The record for the fastest smash of a shuttlecock during competition is over 330 kilometres per hour. That is faster than a speeding […]

GC2018 Beach Volleyball

The Gold Coast is beach volleyball. It’s a perfect environment for athletes. The Gold Coast is all about outdoors and the beach culture and a healthy and active lifestyle, so that’s what beach volleyball is about. And I think it’s the perfect place for the Commonwealth Games. I think it fits perfect, doesn’t it.

Men’s Volleyball Training with Iran | Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Morning trainings are dedicated more to techniques and afternoon training is dedicated to tactical activities. In the afternoon training, we train as a team, during this session you cannot work on your personal skills And we can’t lose time just because one individual wants to improve his individual skill. Well, as you know in volleyball […]