(menacing music) – We’re back for another test. You guys asked for it when we did the tug-of-war. This time we’re doing a full out drag race between the Arkon K350 and Custom Offset’s flagship truck, the CO2. One side, we’ve got the diesel. It’s turbo charged. It’s on a eight inch BDS, and on […]

Hydrogen; Nature’s Fuel

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth. It really is nature’s fuel. We’re at a very interesting stage of development of this technology where it’s not quite ready for prime time time but it’s getting tantalizingly close Fuel cell technology is evolving, the technology is improving constantly. We’re competing in a market that we […]

Electric Cars Light Up New Owners, But Could Stress Power Grid

Joe DeCamp pulls his new electric car into his Carlsbad garage and he’s basically pulling into a filling station. Inside the garage, on the wall is a new EV charging unit.  The device resembles a gas pump.  The main box is connected to a long thick black hose.  The curved nozzle that plugs into the […]

3. Gas Cap Location and How To Access Your Fuel Tank, Fuel Tips, Kill Switch.

– Next is the gas cap location. So, on this particular vehicle and a lot of vehicles, the seat opens with the ignition. So if I just put the key in right here and simply push in and turn to the left, my seat will pop open. You can see I got the helmet and […]

Hole in a Gas Tank Repair

For some reason we have a hole in the fuel tank. In my case it looks like they used a drill. But regardless of the reason we have to repair it. This is a photo taken the moment I discovered the hole. I did a search on the internet and found this product with very […]

Whats inside an Engine?

(heavy metal music) (upbeat electronic music) (briefcase latches snap) – Wow! Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. Today, today, is going to be huge! – Huge! – Huge. – Crazy. – What is this? – What is this thing? – It’s squishy! It’s squishy. – XL Mobil recently launched Mobil 1 […]

Ethanol vs Gasoline – Which Type of Fuel is Best for Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to talk about the use of ethanol and gasoline in cars, now Henry Ford originally made the Model T to run on either ethanol or to run on gasoline, but in 1927, he came up with the […]

Importance of Not Overfilling Gas Tank – Costly Automotive Repairs

Charles: Hello i’m Charles with the Proctor Dealerships and today we’ll talk about the importance of not overfilling your gas tank in order to save you money and maintain proper vehicle performance. Sometimes in an attempt to get the most gas in the tank for a long trip or take advantage of low gas prices. […]

Fixing a motorcycle gas tank leak – Liquid Gasket Application

So here is my Ducati. It’s been leaking gas from this spot right here – the gasket around the fuel pump. The gasket that I put on there last year lasted for about a year before it started letting the gas leak out again. I guess when it gets cold here in the winter the […]

EZ GO golf cart gas conversion – HF Predator 13hp (2 of 2)

Ok so got the torque converter on. Missed a little video but that’s alright It’s just a one inch torque converter. On the 13 horse predator engine we got for $100. It had it had the scratches on the tank right there you can see and so they discounted it to a hundred bucks. So […]