Reactions to Goals Scored in Football | Zidane, Klopp

Hachim Mastour vs. Neymar Jr | Freestyle football juggling battle

Hi guys! I’m here with my friend Hachim from Italy. We came here to spend the day with Red Bull to play the console and to do some football freestyle. It’s like a dream come true to meet Neymar. I admire his style very much. He is the winner, the ball is for him. The […]

9 Most Humiliating Penalty Kicks in Football History

In 2011, in Switzerland. Joonas Jokinen scored an incredible goal In time to kick the ball, he simply surprised the goalkeeper with this back flip. In Poland Maciek Adamiak managed to fool the opposing goalkeeper very well. after doing so … There was confusion, there was a fight… But what marked the game in the […]


Mauro Icardi: Én értem a labdához. David Luiz megvigasztalja James Rodríguezt, miután Kolumbia kiesett a vb-ről. Ronaldinho megölel egy szurkolót. Luis Suárez odaadja a mezét egy szurkolónak. Cristiano Ronaldo lekíséri a pályáról Edison Cavanit. Romelu Lukaku végigkísér a pályán egy mozgássérült szurkolót. Steven Gerrard autogramot ad egy lelkes szurkolónak. Danny Vukovic levisz a pályáról egy […]

The Game That Changed Modern Football – Tactical analysis of Real Madrid – Barcelona 2-6

Mesut Ozil’s agent Dr Erkut Sogut: How to Become a Football Agent

(phone rings) Maybe it’s a transfer. So Erkut, how did your idea for the book come about? I would say I was always an advocator for education. During my own experience in the past – on my path to become an agent, I realised there was really nothing outside in the world to see how […]

Cage football and the search for Russian football culture

Why is it that Russia are so bad at football? Is something wrong with soccer itself or is it wrong with the system, which gets people into soccer? The good thing about this World Cup is that a lot of foreign people will come to Russia and they will come and see it isn’t bears […]

150 + Trucos de Fútbol (Tutoriales Paso a Paso) – Football Tricks Online

Hello, i am Guido from Football Tricks Online and i will teach you the following trick! These tricks are explained step by step in our channel

Meet The ‘Ronal-teenios’: Brazil’s Dwarf Football Team

START 00:02 COMM: With his silky skills and an eye for the goal, Wagner Love is every inch the Brazilian footballer. 00:09 COMM: The tiny striker, who measures just 39 inches tall, is the star player for Gigantes do Norte. The country’s top dwarf football team. 00:19 COMM: And far from being pushovers, this talented […]