Wildcats growing girls football participation in England

The SSE Wildcats programme, we started it last year. We started with 199 centres. They’re there to support girls aged 5-11 in their first journey in football and the community. They might not be ready for a club yet, so it’s like a bridging gap. The idea is to have fun and give these girls […]

Argentina scores Football perfection In Athens | The Olympics On The Record

Argentina was among the founding members of the International Olympic Committee, and sent a team to Paris in 1900, the second Olympic Games of the modern era. But it wasn’t until 1924 that Argentinian athletes first tasted Olympic Gold. That came in the sport of polo, long since dropped from the Olympic programme. Argentinians won […]

Impossible Things In Football History

At Santos Neymar Junior starred in a move that is impossible to happen in football… He was challenged to cross the ball and score the goal Take a look what he did. See how bizarre. Ozil used the bubble gum from his mouth to do this Take a Look at what Hulk did… In a […]

Lewandowski vs freekickerz vs Aubameyang – Football Challenge

Hello and welcome to our new Video, my name is Konzi and my name is Max, and today we have the challenge of the year You could say challenge of the century of the Millenium Of the decade!? of a million years? Millenial? Impossible! it’s cursed Goalie has warmed up? this is stressful now now […]

Football vs Rhythmic Gymnastics: Margarita Mamun & Heather O’Reilly Switch | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) Margarita Mamun. Russian. Rhythmic gymnastics. This is Mamun’s moment. Dedicated, funny and very calm. How did she do that? A gold medal performance for Margarita Mamun. Heather O’Reilly from United States and I play football. Oh, what a brilliant goal! Determined, athletic, fierce. That was sheer quality. I’m very proud I won gold […]

ThoMats #3 – Part 2 | Football Golf Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels

“He’s getting arrogant now.” “Leave the ball!” “Don’t touch, no. no, no, don’t touch!” “Now the cameraman stops.” “I was really confident of winning until right now but he’s really given me a beating today. I’m feeling the pressure again.” “So I’ve put the ball down, this one’s going in, the competition is over really.” […]

The Ultimate World Cup 2018 Football Challenges

He saved it! Karol from 2014 is back! What’s happening??? What’s up guys, welcome to a new video Today we will answer the age-oldquestion: Who is going to win the World Cup 2018? In cooperation with SKY Q During the past weeks we were already able to test the SKY Q package and we’ll show […]

freekickerz vs Sergio Ramos – Penalty Football Challenge

Hi guys, today we are in Madrid (Spain) Testing the new Nike Tiempo Legend 7 This is the lightest Tiempo ever because of the Flyknit And how the boots will perform in a football challenge – let’s find out! Hey, i’m Sergio Ramos and this is the Penalty Challenge!

The history of football!

Cambridge 1848 within the walls of Trinity College an important meeting is being held. College representatives of Eton, Harrow Rugby, Winchester and Shrewsbury have come together to define after 18 intense and animated hours of discussion the so-called Cambridge rules Namely the first attempt to set common rules for a sport whose origin dates back […]

freekickerz vs PRO FEMALE PLAYER – Penalty Football Challenge

Hey guys and welcome to our new video we are Freekickerz, I am Tim and I am Michi Today we are here with Josephine Henning and we have a little challenge for you Let’s go! Keep calm, let’s have some foreplay first I should warm up first when you start like this Show us the […]