Badminton-Fun Warming up (05) Attack and Defence

ok next one is one person attack other person defends ok watch please ok James ready so, if I go here cover me if I move here there there you have to cover diagonally ok this is good to make deceptions with faster side steps ok ya come no no you can’t be like this […]

Tug-O-War and How They Met – Total Bragging Rights – S1E1P2

Le Cricket au Zoo: Apprendre le Français avec sous-titres – Histoire pour enfants et adultes

Cricket at the Zoo By BookBox Arvi hears a strange buzz as he is walking through the zoo. He looks up curiously and sees a group of monkeys listening to the radio! Unable to hide his surprise, he walks up to them and asks, “Are you really listening to cricket?” “Of course, you silly ape. […]

Gamer #2: TUG OF WAR | Pressure

Tug-Of-War is a two-player game that teaches pressure. You can either set it up on to Bob’s or two students. Today we have it set up on two Bob’s, so that our students can compete with each other without getting hit themselves. Select game number two, select your desired difficulty, how long you want the […]

Badminton Pop-Up Game

Badminton Pop-Up Game Portable on-the-go Badminton Game Assembles in minutes Game includes: 1 net, 2 poles, 4 rackets, and 4 birdies Fully extend telescopic poles Make sure push-locking mechanisms are locked into place Insert the wide ends of each pole into the base openings Make sure push-locking mechanisms are locked into place Carry case becomes […]

NERF WAR! Last To Leave NERF Blaster Battle!

Badminton World Championship – 2017

scared of nothin determination Game on it’s a 2017 badminton championship brought to you by your local gas stations two-for-one deal on sour gummy worms. 16 teams comprised of elite shuttle cockers duking it out in single elimination tournament these are top tier athletes one team was seen coming in as the favorite they caught […]


(music) This my guy Micah right here getting right This Vivian you alright over here, you getting into it over here? hahaha I think you need to go a little bit harder Relax He’s doing really good Push a little bit harder Why are you getting a massage Micah? Got to get the body right […]