come up here and pull this ash the wall comes down revealing a secret entrance to a working box for elevator elevators so much safety somebody’s trying to break in your project over so much boating into the city pack up boy please I’m coming back too bad man they saw the plans for the […]

Archery 101 -Intro to Archery

[arrow shot sound] Yes…there we go This is a bow and this is an arrow Bows have been around before recorded history and were originally made in Africa I have a compound bow A beginner bow that when you pull it back It holds easily now I’m going to show you how to put the […]

Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 1

When you’re teaching kids you got to make things fun for them and just give them lots and lots of encouragement Every time that they do anything lots of praise. It’s similar to teaching an adult it’s just they’re little kids and kids little adults so kind of Reinforce everything anything that’s good and just […]

LA Rams Training Camp with Scott Eastwood | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 11 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Nieuwe voerrobot op accu van Trioliet – EuroTier 2018

Teoria plażówki | Wystawa sposobem dolnym i górnym | Siatkówka plażowa |

Mini Golf Battle To Celebrate My Brothers Birthday

Oh roll back roll back get in the hole get mo are you kidding me what is up guys hope y’all having a wonderful day out here in Brentwood Tennessee where I live yes we’re gonna do a little putt-putt for this guy’s birthday is my brother Andrew everybody in the comments below wish him […]

Hello Neighbor In Real Life FOOTBALL! Steel Kids

(running sounds) (intense music) – Woo! Yeah, I got it! – Woo! First try! (playful music) – Huh? What are my neighbors doing over there now? Football, huh? I like football. (running sounds) – (evil laughs) (air whooshing) – Aw, dad! What happened? – Don’t worry about it, Shawn. I got a whole bag full […]