Zinedine Zidane: The Most Spectacular End To A Football Career

It goes without saying that the world cup final is football’s ultimate occasion It’s the match the whole planet is watching With the biggest prize in the game up for grabs. July 9th in Berlin was no exception. But for all the star players on show that night, all eyes were on one man, and […]

The Differences between American Football and Canadian Football (NFL vs CFL) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh Explains the Difference between American Football and Canadian Football. This is a game of American Football. This is a game of Canadian Football. They both look the same, so they must be the same sport, right? Well – no. Not quite. There’s several rule differences between the two that makes them almost completely different […]


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Flag Football with Jerome Bettis – GEICO Insurance

GEICO makes it easy to get help when I need it. With licensed agents available 24-7, it’s not just easy. It’s having-Jerome-Bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. Go get ’em, Bus! Ohhhh! Oh, not that easy! Whoa, whoa! C’mon Bus, c’mon! Hey, wait, wait, wait! Hey man, I got the flag! I got your flag, man! I got […]

Total Football 2.0: Ajax & Erik ten Hag

The final match of Group E in this season’s Champions League will not affect the standings, but there will be a lot of interested parties. For one, it matches Ajax with Bayern Munich, two sides who won consecutive hat-tricks of European Cups between 1971 and 1976. Secondly, Ajax boast one of the most exciting young […]

The Importance of Cricket to the West Indies | Gillette World Sport

We’re in Barbados where we discover the importance of cricket to Caribbean culture. Cricket is the number one sport in the Caribbean. Cricket is what brings all the people and brings all the families and gives all the people of the Caribbean joy. Where I come from, you can see children five or six years […]

5 Simple Football Skills That Will Impress Your Friends! PT 2

What is up guys PWG here and today I’m going to show you guys five more tricks that will impress your friends. Let’s get to it Number five, the slap heel. All you need to do is do a slap and then hell it up in the air It’s so easy, even JayMike can do […]

Football Recruiting Video Tips

here’s what’s included in your recruiting highlight films first make it easy for the coaches to watch a football recruiting video and make every frame cal don’t senate taper dvd to a coach lest they request it or you have a record book third party to stand up for you and here are some good […]

Why France produces the most World Cup players

This is Portugal playing Morocco at the 2018 World Cup. Portugal was the heavy favorite and won the game 1-0. The result wasn’t all that interesting, but this photo is. This Portugal player wasn’t born in Portugal and these two Morocco players weren’t born in Morocco. See, soccer’s regulating body, FIFA, allows athletes to play […]


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