Prevention of Concussions in Football – Train ‘Em Up Academy

♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ When you think about it… kids are putting on pads and tackling as young as 7 years old. Those are babies. What’s at stake here is my son’s life… and the life of his family. horrible stuff happens… when safety goes out the window when it […]

The legendary football match between Faroe Islands and Austria

80% of the people at home told us that we were crazy to do this. We divided the match into 5 minutes intervals, to help us overcome the competition. We considered it a huge success if we were able to retain the Austrian team to only score 5 goals against us We expected a 10-0 […]

😁LUIS SUAREZ BITE😁 by 442oons (Suarez Evra Ivanovic football cartoon) Seven Sins of Suarez

442oons Chewy: You stood on my foot! Backalley: Oh no, I didn’t. Suarez: Oh yes, you did! Backalley: Oh no, I… Suarez: (yells and starts biting) Backalley: Ouch! Ouch, Suarez! OUCHHHHHHHHHHH! (Sobs) Backalley: Suarez bit me. And that really hurt. And it’s still hurting. Commentator: Oh, Ghanarrhea must score! Suarez: (slow-motion groan) Commentator: Oh my! […]

Punk Football (2013) Documentary on FC United of Manchester

Ball back to the keeper Go on Wolfy! YES!!! Wolfy Scores! The keeper clears a terrible clearance straight to Wolfy and he hammers it from halfway in the Witton half and it flies into the net while Norton chased it down What a goal from Wolfy! That’s a great ball over the top and here’s […]