Play Station 4 Repair Video. Hard Drive, Power Supply, Disk Drive, Fan Cleaning

Alright today we’re going to take apart the brand new Play Station 4. We’re going to start with the hard drive. If you’ve already seen the hard drive replacement you can just skip ahead to about the one minute mark in this video. But right now we’re going to pop off the shiny plastic part. […]


Changing trailer wheel bearings

Hey there DangarStu here. Today’s videos is on changing the wheel bearings on a boat trailer and of course is for entertainment purposes only. Now the reason I say that is because jobs like this, if they go wrong, they do have reasonably serious repercussions, potentially, you can be traveling on a freeway doing 100 […]

Are My Speakers Blown?

Today we’re going to talk about how you figure out if your speakers are blown, and blown is not a technical term. Blown is a term people use when their speakers either stop working altogether or they start sounding funny or weird. So sometimes if you have a party and there’s a lot of people, […]

How to Remove Dash Panel & Instrument Cluster. VW Golf Mk2

Today I’m going to show you how to remove the dash panel and instrument panel on a mk2 Golf or Rabbit. First, having removed the radio, remove the cage for it as well. Then, remove the switches. These will pop out and you’ll need to detach those. Demister. Remove the blanking plates …and on the […]

How to Fix a Car Starter

How to Fix a Car Starter. Before you look under the hood, check out these tips for fixing a faulty car starter. You will need Jack Masking tape Ratchet and wrench set Car repair manual (optional) and auto parts store (optional). Working with jacks and electrical motors can be dangerous. To avoid injury, use caution […]

Spark Plug Troubleshooting

The next thing you want to do is pull the spark plug out of it so I’m just going to pull the wire off, push it aside. Put a socket wrench on it nice and easy, spin it out and have a look. It’s quite clean, it’s got some blackness to it but there’s no […]

Hole in a Gas Tank Repair

For some reason we have a hole in the fuel tank. In my case it looks like they used a drill. But regardless of the reason we have to repair it. This is a photo taken the moment I discovered the hole. I did a search on the internet and found this product with very […]

How to Fix Broken or Stripped Lug Studs – JerryRigEverything

Alright so we’re going to switch out the lug nut studs on this car. You can see that this one has just snapped completely off. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to lube it up and pound it through. So to pop that guy out, basically I just took some lube, sprayed […]

How to Fix a Car Horn

How to Fix a Car Horn. If your car horn stops working, you can troubleshoot and often repair the problem. You will need Battery Fuse Horn button Wiring and mechanic. Step 1. Check whether the horn makes any sound. If it does, the electrical circuitry is still working. Most vehicles have two horns, which sound […]