Badminton Footwork-Lesson 11 All the wrong step one 1

Course 1. What is the “Step One” Lesson 11. All the wrong “Step One” – 1 Very common, wrong, step one. The player is ready. When the opponent hits, instead of one, this player goes one. One. Goes up. So his whole weight is in the air. He can’t move.

How to Play Badminton

How to Play Badminton. For anyone who’s ever wondered why people are swatting an odd-looking object back and forth across a net, here’s the lowdown. You will need Two or four players A badminton court A net A shuttlecock and badminton rackets. Step 1. Set up a court by establishing boundaries of 44 feet long […]

Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing

What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing Making big back swing destroys your smash defense smash here watch my racket back and hit backhand that back and then try to hit it ok I would try to do this way have a look smash kind of middle speed ok watch this please […]

Badminton footwork-Lesson 1 What is it?

Course 1. What is ‘Step One’ Lesson 1. What is it? What is step one? Step one is the first step before a player goes anywhere regardless singles, doubles, mixed doubles. Doesn’t matter. If a player go from somewhere to anywhere the first step the player must do is this step. And after this player […]

Badminton Correction Singles (2) For Jet from Germany-2 (Do more straight shots)

Correction Singles (2) For Jet from Germany-2 (Unless you have good reason do more straight shots) Next one in my view, you are choosing too many cross shots watch this ready Perry so this is you yeah you are taking shuttle here you lift cross ok watch this opponent smashes, I will try to defend […]

Badminton-Tips for serious players (4) Do not practice your mistakes in a match

Tips for Serious Players (4) Do not practice mistakes in a match Do not practice your mistake during a match in competition, in tournament if you are competing badminton player and playing a match and you make mistake do not practice that mistake even top international tournaments some players are doing it without knowing what […]

Badminton-What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (6) Using too much thumb

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (6) Using too much thumb Ok this one many players have wrong idea they think using thumb for backhand clear yes, but for backhand clear thumb is supporting thumb is not the main element to create the power watch this my thumb is there too many players are using thumb […]

Gymnastics with Terry Crews | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 9 | Laugh Out Loud Network

-First and foremost, to my people watching another amazing episode of “What The Fit”, as usual, I’m not by myself, picking up friends, Terry Crews is a friend. -Waddup, man? -( upbeat music ) -Terry: You, you wanna take me for a workout? -Kevin: All right, listen, listen… -This is what I do. Now, Kev, […]