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Cross-Country Olympian vs Freestyle Football YouTuber – Training Challenge | Hitting the Wall

What’s up? My name’s Philip Warren Gertsson, I’m in Slovenia. My name is Vesna Fabjan. I’m bronze medallist from Olympics in Sochi in cross-country skiing. She’s going to run through her training routine with me, and I think she’s going to work me pretty hard. Oh, hey, hey, hey, sorry, sorry, excuse me. I’m supposed […]

Football Training Tips : Tight End Drills

Hi my name is Otis St. Clair and today I am here to talk to you about tight end drills. As a tight end you have to be a line man and you have to be a receiver. So a few drills we are going to work on today are how to pass and protect, […]


I was in a choir once. I’m Alexander Ehrensberger and I’m committed to the University of Notre Dame. I started with football in 2014 at the TFG Typhoons in Düsseldorf as cornerback. Pretty undersized, but still quite big In the tenth grade I got the chance to spend half a year in the United States […]

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Badminton-Correction Doubles (3) for Vincent from France-2 (go back to the base)

Correction Doubles (3) For Vincent from France-2 (go back to the base) Next point is you are at the net and then you did net play here and then instead of after net play, you ready after net play you follow the shuttlecock and try to block opponent hit so if he do cross net […]

Badminton Fitness Training-Team Running

Team Running ok line please ok Captain do 2 set of 10 I ask the players to line up to mentally prepare them for any task that lie ahead. Without their attitude being set this way in advance, I don’t believe that they can perform or achieve the level that I expect from them. When […]