American Football Field Basics + Yard:Meter Conversion

An American football field is about the same size as a soccer field. You mean a football field is the same size as a fútbol field? That’s crazy! Yes, an American football field is about the same length as a European fútbol field at 120 yards, but it’s only 50 yards wide. 53.33 yards to […]

NFL week 17 Sunday pregame show NFL football picks week 17

NFL National football league game picks and NFL predictions week 17 NFL Sunday pregame show before kickoff who to take to win today’s football games NFL Vegas lines against the spread picks money lines at 5 minutes into the video lets start with the NFL Sunday game match ups New York Jets at Buffalo Bills […]

Minecraft: How to make a Soccer/Football Field make sure that u have wide open space to make a soccer/football field like soccer? (or do you prefer football?)to […]

Beach Volleyball World Champion – Alison Cerutti 2012

My objective is to win my medal. I am Alison Cerutti, I am 26 years old, and I was born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espirito Santo. Rio de Janeiro has been my home for the last six years, and it’s where I practice my favorite sport, the sport I love: beach volleyball. I used to […]

Volleyball Explained: How do we organize our game against a strong serve?

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Football 101 | Chapter 7 | Special Teams

the special teams segment at the football team is further divided in to 6 separate group of 11 players with specialists within each group the six major groupings are the kickoff team the kickoff return team the punt team the punt return team the PAT field goal team and the PAT field-goal defense team each […]

Volleyball Explained: The Setter and the Organisation of the Attack


What up guys welcome back to JK Party, today we are taking it back old school we will be playing tug of war for three rounds. Contrary to popular belief this is not just a strength game, it is a game of teamwork. May the best team win Today, we’re playing tug of war! I […]

NFL 2019 week 11 picks football predictions

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey whazzup whazzup everybody before you start watching this video you might get confused I have my early prediction video right in the beginning and then I at the end of the video that’s right about halfway through I have this week’s NFL picks now remember if you actually […]