Tim, Essy and Baby Doll Diana playing football

We want play with you) Let’s play together! Hi! Can I play with you? Yes Goal! Help me Okey Don’t worry doggy!

Hello Neighbor In Real Life FOOTBALL! Steel Kids

(running sounds) (intense music) – Woo! Yeah, I got it! – Woo! First try! (playful music) – Huh? What are my neighbors doing over there now? Football, huh? I like football. (running sounds) – (evil laughs) (air whooshing) – Aw, dad! What happened? – Don’t worry about it, Shawn. I got a whole bag full […]


– What is up, my clan? Welcome to my Monday. I’m up and out of the house getting ready to meet up with Kade from A Ticket Anywhere for our monthly sushi lunch. We talk shop. We talk YouTube. We catch up on personal stuff and we just bro it out once a month. It’s […]

How to Play Mini Golf, Part 2 – Tips & Keeping Score

You’ve mastered the basics of mini golf. Now it’s time to become a pro! Maybe your golf ball has found itself in a sand trap; or maybe it’s in a stone hazard. DO NOT hit the ball out of the hazard. Instead, pick the golf ball out of the sand or stones and place it […]

🏐 PLAYING VOLLEYBALL IN THE POOL IS HARD! 🏊🏼 (Day 1849) | Clintus.tv

(bass notes) Good morning, clan. Welcome to Sunday! Today’s the day. Bryce is getting his new bed. Whoop, whoop! So we’re all in here real quick. We just got the phone call, they’re on their way now. ‘Bout 20 minutes out to deliver it which means we got to grab the guest bed and move […]

Badminton Playing Shuttlecock||Healthy Morning Workout Bharath Nagar Hyderabad||Best Games for Kids

TOUR LIFE, Volleyball, and Paisley’s Nerdy Nummies | Behind the Braids Family Vlog Ep.45

We Pretend to Send Ourselves to a Mansion! (skit) Shot of the Yeagers VS Kids Fun TV Colab!

You’re going down! [Dramatic music] Hey guys what’re you watching? Were watching this cool YouTube channel called “Shot of the Yeagers.” Cool, I love that channel. [Doorbell rings] I wonder who it is? Someone gave us a package! It’s addressed to “Kids Fun TV.” “Dear Kids Fun TV, we have a challenge for you.” “Let’s […]

Binocular Volleyball

(tense music) – Two thousand pushups. – [Girls] Let’s go. (laughing) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and today I’m going to be playing binocular volleyball. We’re just gonna play regular volleyball with binoculars and a giant beach ball as our volleyball. Let’s start. (tense music) (murmuring) – [Audrey And Jordan] You guys will go down. […]

How to Play Mini Golf, Part 1

It’s time to learn how to play miniature golf. First, head to the golf check-in window and pay for your round of golf. Great! Now it’s time to get the equipment you will need to play. First, you’re going to need a golf ball. Each person only needs one ball, and you want to be […]