Binocular Volleyball

(tense music) – Two thousand pushups. – [Girls] Let’s go. (laughing) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and today I’m going to be playing binocular volleyball. We’re just gonna play regular volleyball with binoculars and a giant beach ball as our volleyball. Let’s start. (tense music) (murmuring) – [Audrey And Jordan] You guys will go down. […]


Tu ne peux pas gagner J’ai ma propre défense Mais Je n’ai pas besoin de défense Mais D’autre en ont besoins XD Je suis sale maintenant Merci pour les massages Peuvent-ils l’arrêter Aucun problème Facile Vous ne pouvez-pas m’achètes où me conduire Trucs gratuit avec le yacht Cargos contenaires gratuits Peut il porter ? J’ai […]

4,000 Volleyball Players?!! |

(fervent sizzling) – Breakfast time. – [Clintus] What you making? – Pancakes, sausage, and bacon. – [Clintus] What game you playing? – PUBG. – [Clintus] PUBG? – He jumped up the wall and I sprayed him and right before I killed him my iPad died. – [Tiffany] Is this your workstation? Woo hoo. – What’s […]

They’re Moving Up A Division 🏐 Club Volleyball Tournament |

– Alright boys and girls, it’s about that time for another volleyball tournament. Back to back weekends. That doesn’t happen very often. – Nope. – Nope. We’re here in way, way, way, way southeast Arizona. It’s like borderline Apache Junction/ San Tan Village/Queen Creek. Like we are way, way out here guys. Yeah, way out […]

All Sports Golf Battle 3 | Dude Perfect

All sports golf is just as fun as it gets What’s up guys, we’re dude, perfect. Welcome to the TADPAS GV third annual Dude Perfect all sports golf battle And yes, Cory left this bag at the airport Dude perfect Ladies and gentlemen here We are in the great state of Missouri at the wonderful […]

Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

*Whir of bearings * Oh, she’s humming! She’s ready to let loose. This is the Spin Bender Shot. LETS GOOOO! Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re Dude Perfect welcome to fidget spinner trick shots! Here we go! This is the Spinning Ninja Star sticker! Lets Go! Whooo! The Long Blue Weird One vs. The Dollar […]

Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect, what’s up guys were Dude Perfect and welcome to the very first ever build a boat battle. Woah boys. Lets go get some supplies, Whoo! Build A Boat Challenge The rules for this battle are simple, build a homemade boat, stay within the budget, and get to the other side of the pond […]

Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude perfect.What’s up guys? We’re dude perfect. We’re the f2 – let’s have some fun Billy struck an unbelievable pose after he made that shot so I’m going to try to blow them out of the water slow-mo movie explosion That was my slow-mo movie explosion I need you to add that in in post […]


(light music) – [Clintus] There we go. Yeah, dude. – Hello. – Hello. – We’re all loaded up. We have a driver. Papa’s our driver. Taking us to Wickenburg. – Wickenburg. – You excited? – For a two day tournament. – Look at all of this stuff for volleyball? – Yes. – [Tiffany] How long […]

GIANT Human Slingshot!!

What’s up y’all welcome to team edge today, we’re doing the human slingshot challenge sponsored by Hot Wheels to the track builder system Go go. It’s in. Oh yeah. Guys, the Hot Wheels track builder playset has endless possibilities and today we Get to play with the rocket launch challenge playset part of the Hot […]