Hachim Mastour vs. Neymar Jr | Freestyle football juggling battle

Hi guys! I’m here with my friend Hachim from Italy. We came here to spend the day with Red Bull to play the console and to do some football freestyle. It’s like a dream come true to meet Neymar. I admire his style very much. He is the winner, the ball is for him. The […]

How Germany tackled American football and made it their own | Olympic Outposts

Germany is known as one of the most successful football countries in the world. That means soccer. But hidden in this soccer-crazed country is another kind of football. The growing interest in American football has led to the development of a nationwide league – GFL. Starting with six clubs in 1979, the league has now […]

Experience the Grittier Side of Tug of War

(ominous, heavy music) – [Voiceover] Are you ready? Okay, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Brooklyn, Wisconsin. We’re about to start the competition here today, and anytime you guys are ready to pull, well you go ahead and pull and never mind me. – Steady! (ominous music) (grunting) – [Voiceover] Tighter! – [Voiceover] Tug-O-War […]

Best Of Freestyle Football at Red Bull Street Style

On the stage, we have two players one ball and three minutes every 30 second We have changing after the battle after determining the touch to the best The judges are looking for five criteria, which is difficulty all-around originality execution and control So Paulo Brazil 2008 the stage is set for the beginning of […]

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Playing Through ft. Ken Green (Clip) | HBO

BRYANT GUMBEL: This is Kenny Green.Now 61 years old, he was once expectedto win an endless series of golf titles.I’ve lost 35 yards off the tee, and probably a club and half with the iron. GUMBEL: Instead, he has spent his yearsdealing with a seemingly endless series of losses:his leg, his wife, his son, his […]