I Played Golf At Kingsbarns In St Andrews Scotland

we made it to st. Andrews can’t believe it I am playing golf outside the United States for the very first time super pumped glad to bring y’all along we’re out here at Kingsbarns today we’re playing the back nine’ for this nine hole vlog out here at Kingsbarns just outside of st. Andrews Scotland […]

Talk Europe! We need a common European Migration Policy. An interview with Gerald Knaus

How, in your opinion, should Europe be dealing with the migratory crisis? Migration, asylum, borders. We need to have clear principles and we need to have instruments. Don’t push people back into danger, don’t refuse the right to apply for asylum, otherwise we will give up on all our principles and in the end this […]



assalamualaikum guys and welcome to another episode of this week in the dunya as we know France is the champion of women’s rights it’s banned the face veil the hijab the bikini which most people didn’t even know was a thing ironically forcing Muslim women to stay indoors and not interact that much but some […]

Golfing With 100 Year Old Clubs | Part 1 At Kingarrock Hickory Golf In St Andrews Scotland

we’re out here at Kingarrock I think I pronounced that right Kingarrock up so I’ve been working on that just for y’all to pronounce it properly didn’t wanna yeah I kept calling it Kingarrock if I’m being real that’s what I kept saying we’re out here we’re gonna show you what it’s like to play […]

Mount Titlis, Switzerland

We’re taking you up to Mount Titlis, one of the most scenic destinations in Switzerland, high in the Alps. It’s an easy day-trip from Lucerne so we’re leaving our Hotel des Balances in the heart of Lucerne where we’ve been staying. We leave after breakfast and we will be back to town by 2:30 in […]