BAD BOY আমি ভালো ছেলে | Bengali Short Film | Bappy Khan | Rimu Roja . Sifat . Dulal Ojha | 2017

Where are you there’s no one Come soon Babe what Give me something There was another kiss with money Are you mad If anyone see what will happen do you know Go next time Please babe go go I will but not right now

Dan Calls Out His Big Head & Relives His Football Days

– For a while, I had to take the ear pads out of my helmet to get my helmet on, and then would have to clip them in once I had my helmet on. (upbeat rock music) (fire crackling) – Ooh, ooh, wee. – Short and weak, but we’re back. It’s The Bonfire, Comedy Central […]

See Rihanna’s Emotional Reunion With Her School Teacher at a Cricket Match | Billboard News

While attending the Cricket World Cup, Rihanna reminded us just how impactful teachers can be on their students. On Monday night, Rih bumped into Roddy Estwick, assistant coach of the West Indies squad, and one of her favorite childhood school teachers… and thankfully the ‘Jamaica Observer’ caught their emotional reunion on camera and posted the […]

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders But Really Really Fast – Animation

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- ~~It turned out that DIO, DIO, DIO DIO DIO DIODIODIO~~ hhehehehehhhehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehehhh SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT *nyeh* SOMETHING IS QUI- *plane* hhehhehheheh- GET OUT No hhehehehhehehhh- GET OUT If I get out I will kill you with this funky purple dude who keeps conveniently giving me everything I want soda RC car gun *BANG* Okay […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Another National Foot Volleyball Competition! (2015.07.21)

(6 months since the Cool Kiz foot volleyball club was established) (Against various teams) (They played intense games) Jisuk checks the ball. (They tested their skills!) How thrilling. (They wanted to go further) There is a competition. A foot volleyball competition. (They entered a national competition) (But…) (Cool Kiz vs. Gachon University) (The game didn’t […]

Tug-O-War and How They Met – Total Bragging Rights – S1E1P2

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The First Official Volleyball Match (2016.04.05)

(Yongiin-si, Gyeonggi-do) (Where is this place the Cool Kiz came to?) Coach! Hello. (Coach Kim Sejin’s house) Come in, come in. Wow! He’s in bad condition right now. It’s high. The ceiling of the coach’s place seems high. If you look at him, it’s not that high though. The house has a black and white […]

Adam Ruins Everything – Football’s Brain Injury Problem is Even Worse Than You Realize

Hey, see, Pats, look, we’re on TV. Hey, Murph! Oh, where is that Stephen A. Smith? I’ve always wanted to kick his ass. The NFL claims to take concussions seriously. But the rate of diagnosed concussions keeps rising, and those are just the ones we know about. The truth is, our national conversation about brain […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 11th Sport, Volleyball (2016.03.22)

(The day the 11th sport is announced!) (KBS Annex Cool Kiz Studio) (But…) (It’s empty for some reason!) Hello. (Bow) I heard the 11th sport will be announced today. Everyone else… I have to do the opening by myself. It’s a bit strange. (Right then) (Mr. Ball appears!) Whatever sport it is, I will do […]