How to Use the Rear Seat USB Port | Hyundai

(upbeat pop music) – [Announcer] The rear USB ports are for charging only. To hook up your phone for car play or Android auto, use the front in-dash USB port. (upbeat pop music)

In the Driver’s Seat

This car actually has the equivalent of over 3,000 lithium ion batteries in its trunk. This car is made by the Tesla Motor Company. They had a wonderful strategy which was let’s really push electric vehicles forward by creating a car that doesn’t look like a golf cart and doesn’t handle like one either. And […]

Full Interview – Benno Baenziger & Electric Bikes

– [Karen] I am having a wonderful moment of sitting-downness here at Interbike 2016 with Benno of Benno Bikes. Benno innovated the enjoyment of cycling with Electra, and is now starting a new company called Benno which is, I think, going to create a new category of e-bikes. And so here we are, ready to […]

Electric Cars Light Up New Owners, But Could Stress Power Grid

Joe DeCamp pulls his new electric car into his Carlsbad garage and he’s basically pulling into a filling station. Inside the garage, on the wall is a new EV charging unit.  The device resembles a gas pump.  The main box is connected to a long thick black hose.  The curved nozzle that plugs into the […]

Electric SuperChargers Mythbusted

Marty: Electric superchargers from eBay: everybody is talking about them, and they’re cheap. Moog: And they can be installed in minutes – but will you get the massive power gains that are promised on the box? Today we find out, on MIghty Car Mods. [intro plays] Mighty Car Mods! MOOG: Okay so we got this […]

Electric Vehicles Charge up at State Parks in West Virginia

JOHN DAVIS: Our success story this week takes us to West Virginia, where you can find an EV charging station at every state park lodge. All 10 lodges are equipped with three Tesla chargers, as well as a Level 2 universal charging station. Drivers are invited to pull in and plug in for free. PAUL […]

How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger (Part 1)

you are watching how to build a capacitive battery charger it’s extremely simple to build I started with building just a little wooden frame box very convenient to put everything in you’re going to want a timer I recommend a 12 hour timer gives you a plenty to charge just about any battery or electric […]

Italcar Golf Car – Apricale Tour

No exhaust gases, no pollution and no noise in full harmony with the environment and the people around you. Ideal for city centres and high density urban areas. Many benefits purchasing an electric vehicle Saving: with the recharging cost of just € 0,80 you can drive up to 80 km Free parking lots for electric […]