The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

– [Eugene] 36 hours. Zero sleep. (Keith crying) – [Keith] Ugh, I feel awful! – We are going to be driving while sleep deprived. – Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that one. Whoopsie doopsie! – [Ned] Now this isn’t something you think of as like an intoxication, right? – Out of all the things we’re testing, […]

Best car servicing by local market | car service #Faridabad INDIAN CITY 1

[Music] drilling ie I took a public speaking though add couple of June a boutique owner by preventing crime Biagio regarding me to my camper one man to believe I read about mythical apartheid market poverty I can acknowledge hair to pull up a key keyboard up and have go chronology he is when the […]

Independence of Motion Accessory – Tech Tips with Vernier

Measure. Analyze. Learn. Hi, I’m Matt. The Independence of Motion Accessory is a great way for students to get hands on experience with that classic thought experiment of, “What would happen if you were to fire a bullet horizontally, at the same time as a bullet was dropped from the same height?” Included in the […]

SPC Preview: Security

SPC Preview – SPC Security At St. Petersburg College we seek to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors to our campuses. Hi I’m Dan Barto, Director of Collegewide Security Services We should be aware that by using common sense and following some basic rules of security, we will lessen the […]

Wheels On The Bus | Part 3 | Little Baby Bum | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | ABCs and 123s

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town The signals on the bus go blink blink blink, blink blink blink, blink blink blink The signals on the bus go blink blink blink, all through the […]

3. Gas Cap Location and How To Access Your Fuel Tank, Fuel Tips, Kill Switch.

– Next is the gas cap location. So, on this particular vehicle and a lot of vehicles, the seat opens with the ignition. So if I just put the key in right here and simply push in and turn to the left, my seat will pop open. You can see I got the helmet and […]

Dr. Ski’s Inaugural Address

It is now my honor to introduce the vice chair of HACC board of trustees Tom Richey who will join the chairman of the board of trustees Tim Sandoe for the official investiture of Dr. Ski as the 7th president of HACC. This will be followed by Ski’s inaugural address. Tom. [applause] Thank you Ron. […]

The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

– [Woman] Sir, have you had anything to drink today? – Nothing. – [Everybody] Eugene. – Wait a second, that’s beer. – [Woman] Sir, sir I definitely think you’re inebriated. – Am I under arrest? – You’re free to drive. – Drive, drive drive, let’s go. – [Everybody] Whoa! – Ned, Ned, Ned! – In […]

Move In Weekend and Golf Cart Interviews – Nathan’s Vlog

(music) This week’s vlog is about orientation week. New students are on campus both grad and undergrad students. This is just me going around talking a lot of them finding out what the experience has been like. Pretty much starting from moving day. Watch it and make sure you share with your friends and feel […]

What Happens When You’re Struck By Lightning?

I’m going to try and make it through an episode about lightning without making a single electricity pun. I know, shocking. Welp, I tried. Hey there, Julian here for DNews. Odds are at some point in your life you’ve seen a thunderstorm but you’ve probably never taken part in one. The chances of being hit […]