Can you become a professional football player? 100 days to a pro contract

Whether people doubt you whether people Think you’re crazy. It doesn’t matter what matters most is that you follow your heart And you follow your dream and see where that takes you so my name is Nick Humphries. I’m 24 years old I’m from Canberra Australia the creator of the hundred-day a challenge I left […]

What If Animals Went To World War With Humans?

It’s good to be at the top of the food-chain, but what if that was to suddenly change? What if all the animals in the world suddenly overlooked their differences, teamed up as one united force, and decided to take on mankind? How would humans be able to deal with it? Would our development of […]

Football War – MiniWars #2

Quick, you have two seconds to name these two countries You’re wrong! Unless you got it right Then good job! They are of course Honduras and El Salvador One thing these two countries have in common is being fanatic about Football Or if you’re a freedom-loving patriot , Soccer But do they love it so […]

6 Bacteria with Awesome Superpowers

[ ♪ Intro ♪ ] Bacteria. They’re never going to officially become superheroes in the Marvel or DC universes, but some of them probably should be. They’ve been around for about 3.5 billion years, and some of them have also evolved pretty incredible abilities, which let them survive in almost every potential scenario on Earth. […]

High-Speed Cricket Helmet Testing

The revised cricket helmet test standard incorporates now the penetration test, and in the penetration test the ball speed that is called for for an adult helmet is 28 meters per second, so that’s 63 miles per hour. Clearly we’re looking for the helmet to prevent the ball from passing between the peak and the […]

MPS Sports Talk: Red Mountain Girls Volleyball 2013

We are dedicated. We’re working hard to be the best. Watch varsity competitors hone their skills. See how practice pays off. Hear from coaches and coaches and student-athletes. Welcome to have MPS Sports Talk. I play volleyball because I love the game. I love the suspense. And I love playing with the team. We want […]

Physical Education Games – 4-Sqaure Volleyball

This is ‘4-Square Volleyball’ and it’s basically the 4-square game but using the volleyball skills: setting, serving, bumping. This is for grades 5-8 and you will need a volleyball. Here we have our 4-square court set up. A player will start in each one of those squares. The extra players will be along the edge. […]

Gym Games – Football Frenzy

This game is called ‘Football Frenzy’. Set-up 4 cones. Place a hula hoop in the middle with 2 footballs inside. Set-up many of these in the field or gym if you wish. Create two lines at two cones. On the signal, the first person in each line will run to the football and pick it […]

Physical Education Games – Rainbow Road

This game is called ‘Rainbow Road’. You will need colored spots (lilly pads) or you can use hula hoops as long as you have a bunch of different colors. Place the lilly pads along the floor randomly so that they are all spread out. Split the students up into four groups. The teacher will call […]

Hacking Open A Car Battery (for Lead and Acid)

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m hanging out today with my brother He came out from Texas because we’re doing an experiment with car batteries, and he used to work with car batteries I did. He used to sell them but we’re not selling them today. We’re actually gonna be hacking them open And I got […]