Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Sidearm Throw

(technopop music) – Last year, going into the winter season, I was lucky enough to be living in California and I had a lot of time to go out and be in beautiful weather like it is today. It was like this all the time. So, I went out to the field a lot. My […]

First Look: Prodigy Practice Bag V2 | Review

– Hey, guys, this is Idris Garcia. I’m at Heritage Point Park in Dalton, Georgia introducing the Practice Bag V2. The Practice Bag has been known as one of the most unique disc golf bags on the market. Whether it’s to take out to the field or onto the putting green for practice or just […]

Dynamic Discs EZ Cart by Zuca (unboxing and test-drive)

Hi guys, this is Mika Ylisaukko-oja from SkyBlue Disc Golf, Team Westside Discs and Team Trilogy I figured I’d be doing a bit of a different video for you today I’ve just received a package that I ordered last week I’m pretty excited about it so I figured we’ll open it up together and see […]