– Hello everybody thanks for joining us here and we have a very special guest on the show today we’ve got LPGA Tour player Maria Fassi. Nice to see you thanks for joining us. – Good to see you guys thanks for having me. – How’s things today? – It’s great, just I’m very happy […]

Volkswagen Golf R Variant FULL REVIEW 310 hp VW estate Kombi 2018 – Autogefühl

Offroad Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Driving 2019 Android/Ios Gameplay

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Insane Racing Team – Formula Offroad 2012!

Hi! My name is Martin and I’m the lucky one to hold the steering wheel and step on the throttle. We are five persons running the Insane Racing Team. We are from Norway and we travel all over Scandinavia; both Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and even Iceland. We are travelling around in our racing bus, […]

Gravel – Colorado River DLC Trailer | PS4


The Crew 2: Gamescom 2017 Fast Fav Multi-Vehicle Gameplay | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

NARRATOR: It’s under the hood, and in our blood. The roar of the engine, the rush of the wind. We can never go fast enough, hard enough, or loud enough. Whether we’re on the streets, or above the clouds, America is our playground. On the waves, we dominate the sea. In the air, we rule […]

Volkswagen Golf 6 R review

Good afternoon. Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order, please? Sure. Can I have two strawberry milkshakes, please. It’s not really a pretentious car, but it does have a horsepower of 270. 270! There are two problems with this Golf R. The first is that the first three/ four pages of its press release […]

Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 3 – Sidearm (Instructional Disc Golf video)

Disc golf courses are like highways – there’s typically one main route designated to get you to your destination. The beauty of the game is to find alternative ways to drive. You may discover that there are better routes right in front of you. Welcome to LaMirada – Deep in the Game. the sidearm was […]