Badminton-Mixed Doubles: (3) When Female Player is Receiving Low Service – The Best Choice

Mixed Doubles When Female Player is Receiving Low Service (1) The Best Choice Attack the rear player’s body at the centre of rear court attack to the center and be ready hit ready hit ok hit ready hit ok Because it will limit your opponent return angle to damage your side and is one of […]

Badminton: Basic Positioning Practice for Doubles

Basic Positioning practice in doubles Type – I ok I would like to show you the doubles positioning depending on the situation who goes where the players who are less than 1 year or 2 years of experience, they have no idea where to go who to take what so, this is good practice for […]

Badminton Doubles: Helping the Rear Court Player

Helping The Rear Court Player Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming In this video I will show you the number 3 situation in doubles which is front player is helping rear court player have a look please ok, there is situation like this imagine you are at the net like that when shuttle […]

Be the worlds greatest feeder – Badminton Famly

How can you be the best feeder in the world? Perhaps just a really good feeder? And why is it good to be able to be a good multishuttle feeder? well, the answer is very simple. If I am good as a feeder my sparring partner will have much better chances of using all the […]

Badminton-Helping the Front Court Player in Doubles

Helping The Front Court Player Hello, I am Lee thank you very much for coming to IBBS In this video I would like to show you the number 4 situation in doubles, which is the rear court player help front player when front player is under pressure number 1 learning point when the front player […]

Badminton-Footwork Skill (16) Clear Step-Type 2 (Advanced)

When opponent hit attack clear and you are hitting back more aggressive shots then the step has to be changed, there will be more side steps, and there will be recovery steps after the shot. which will give you more pace, more speed to come back to the base and more ready immediately please focus […]

Badminton-Play To Win: Service and Return of Service

Service and Return Service In service what’s important is could you just ready to serve please very good stop like Symond he put shuttle in front of his body but normally club players what they do they put their shuttle very close to their body so its really very difficult to control it so remember […]

World´s most popular deception trick shot – Badminton Famly

Today I want to show you a really cool deception shot. I’m at the net very close to the net. It can also be used further away from the net. I want to show my opponent that I’m doing a cross net shot and just before doing that I’m actually pulling back doing the straight […]

Trick shot competition – Show us your best badminton trick shots

Hey guys – it is competition time! Now you can win a yearly subscription to Badminton Famly+. All you need to do is to record your own cool trick shot and then post it on Facebook or Instagram and then use the hashtag called #Badmintonfamly+. We will announce three winners of the coolest and most […]

Badminton-Footwork Skill (17) Smash Step

Smash step, watch this 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 ready – 1 2 3 4 5 6 ready side step smash recovery steps some times you can do very small fast recovery steps on your forehand side likely James hit – ready – ready hit – ready – […]