cavapoo puppy’s tug of war

릴리인가 악마 릴리스인가? 이 노란걸 부숴버리겠어! 이 파란것도 마찬가지!! 내가 악마 여왕이다!! 마왕에게 연락중… 마왕님 다음에 뭘 할지 지령을 내려주세요 악어 죽이기!!! 공포의 으르렁거림을 들었나요? 어둠의 파워로 점프도 높이 할 수 있지! 릴넉릴리의 더 많은 영상을 보고싶으신가요? 다음에 계속 됩니다

Dog Tug Game – How To Play Tug Of War With Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Playing tug with your dog is a great relationship builder it builds value on playing with toys while at the same time it builds value on playing with you. (bubble pops) Now in my over 10 years as a professional dog trainer at McCann Dogs I’ve helped thousands of dogs to become well behaved […]

Dog VS Owner (Tug of war)/Pies VS Właściciel (Przeciąganie)

Come on Major, I have only one arm Long time, when we last played with this toy Mostly we’re pulling sticks like that in forest When Major saw this toy he became crazy From long time you didn’t try to tear your prey, wolf This mass of energy must grapple So we ride, go Or […]

Make Pink Not War | Pink Panther and Pals

MEOW! (growling) (groaning) (grumbling) GRR, ARRG! (laughing) UHH! (giggling) (whooshing) (whoosh) (splash) (birds chirping) (laughing and growling) HA HA HA HA! (screaming) (quacking) (sizzling) (quacking) QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! (beep) (speaking fast) (screeching) (quacking) (quacking) QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! AH! (electricity crackling) (swirling) (loud explosion) (chirping, quacking) (growling and yelling) EEH? (whistling) (splash) (chuckling) (cackling) […]

Tug of war with German Shepherd/Przeciąganie z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Do you want my old shit? Do you want? Pull Ops Bad yellow-red shirt According to Major Do you have a problem with rid of old shirt or any rags? You don’t know how to tear up them? Give them for your dog! He’s an expert in tearing up shirts Dog is the best man’s […]

Man moves into animal shelter to help dog get adopted

Man moves into animal shelter to help dog get adopted Every day for the past year, local Kansas City animal advocate Scott Poore has visited a three year old terrier mix named Queen at a shelter near his home. Queen was found by animal rescue officers living behind a dumpster and had several medical issues […]

Angry guy goes mad while playing badminton NOW WITH SUBTITLES

Do you have rice in your underwears? Rice noobs Meh Are you angry? Shut up, it’s not funny at all (Spits) I think i broke my back Fuck! Whats the score? 5-2 Kind of funny if the guy in blue starts to rage too Nice smash So much luck Fuck sakes, my grand mother could […]

I Crashed A Self-Driving Vehicle!

My dog crashed the self-driving vehicle ♪ intro music Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video and it’s time for another story starring this guy You Starring you Yeah! he could care less honestly, so Yes, I somehow managed to crash self-driving vehicle. I don’t have a treat for you. He thinks I […]

The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

– [Woman] Sir, have you had anything to drink today? – Nothing. – [Everybody] Eugene. – Wait a second, that’s beer. – [Woman] Sir, sir I definitely think you’re inebriated. – Am I under arrest? – You’re free to drive. – Drive, drive drive, let’s go. – [Everybody] Whoa! – Ned, Ned, Ned! – In […]