Organize hardware in this cubby hole storage cabinet. Made from recycled wood.

Three most common resolutions for 2015: Lose weight, get organized and Microjig Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer, work smarter. One of the things I really like about having a workshop is that it’s constantly changing. I’m always adapting it to suit my needs as they change. I’ve been in this space for 14 years […]

1 of 3 How to Create a Pop-Up Card – Selecting a Design

Paper and pens are every crafter’s go-to tools. In this video series we’ll take them both to the next level, and introduce you to scoring, as we make a custom pop-up card with your Cricut machine. We found this Ready-To-Make project, called Mama Bear Mother’s Day Card, that will be perfect. For this project here’s […]

How To Install VW Rabbit Rear Coilovers (ST Suspension, Shock Replacement, Golf) FCP Euro

hey what’s going everybody Garren FCP today we’ll be filming our first full track video that i will be working on 2007 rabbit today and we’ll also be installing an xt suspension spoil over kit of course the process for this is going to be very similar for just replacing the standard shocks but let’s […]

Jons Bus Conversion Part 16 – DIY Deep Cycle Battery Bay

You can see here I took the panel off here. This one, actually unbolts to get to the heater – it’s attached with machine screws. The one below here was attached with machine screws but also with riveted. You can see where I drilled the rivets out. Here’s the panel here. There was a big […]

The Quickest and Easiest Way To Clean Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today I want to show you guys the fastest and easiest method for cleaning your wheels. This Nissan has tons of brake dust collected in the barrel as well as the face of the wheel and we’re going to take all of that out using our Power Woolie. This is going to take care of […]

How To Polish Fiberglass -1962 Red Corvette – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys today in the Detail Garage we have something special for you. This is a 1962 Corvette, it is beautiful but it has been sitting so it has some minor scratches and swirls. The wheels are polished aluminum and they are covered in oxidation which dulls out the finish. We started off by […]

How To Restore Faded Plastic and Rubber Trim – Tire and Trim Gel – Chemical Guys

What’s up what’s up everybody! Matt here from the Detail Garage, and today I’m gonna reintroduce you to the brand new New Look Trim Gel. You’re all familiar with New Look Trim Gel. It’s great for rubber tires and textured plastic trim that you find on a lot of cars. The new formula is even […]

How to Use a U-Haul Truck Ramp and Roll-Up Door

Hi, I’m Sperry Hutchinson and today I’m going to show you how to use you a U-Haul truck loading ramp and roll-up door. Before attempting to pull loading ramp down, you must unlatch and raise the truck’s rear door. Raise the door slowly using the pull strap to control the door and stepping up onto […]