Practice with a Towel | Disc Golf Tip

(dubstep music) – As it’s getting colder and there’s less light outside, it’s getting harder and harder for us to find time to get out and practice during these winter months. One of the things that you can do is to use a towel. You can do this indoors in the comfort of your own […]

Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Putting

(upbeat hip hop music) (zooming) – We’re gonna talk just real quick about putting and the mental part of the game. So, I love doing these two together, because I believe that they go hand-in-hand. Cuz putting is all mental. No, I can’t say, “This is the way you should putt. “You should draw back, […]

The Rules of Disc Golf – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains The Rules of Disc Golf The object of the game is to get a flying disc into a target, in as few throws as possible. Disc Golf is a mixture of traditional golf and ultimate frisbee to create a new hybrid sport. Instead of a golf club and a ball, players throw plastic […]

Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Sidearm Throw

(technopop music) – Last year, going into the winter season, I was lucky enough to be living in California and I had a lot of time to go out and be in beautiful weather like it is today. It was like this all the time. So, I went out to the field a lot. My […]

Disc Golf at Selah Ranch. 2017 WINNWYMI Event with Friends

yeah there ya go ON IT! BAM! NICE HIT IT! TODD! Oh Beautiful there ya go yeah yeah yeah get in it AWWW Nice ha ha ( Drunk Laughter) there ya go teammate sit down UGH! NICE! nice shot Mike get in it ohhh thank you there ya go watch your head oh yeah! Booyah […]

Ricky Wysocki READY

Yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna honestly talk. Start back in European Open I mean that was the first major of the year. I don’t like talking about it because I kind of I had a struggle the final round but that was something to where I was in contention I was winning the tournament from […]

Dynamic Discs EZ Cart by Zuca (unboxing and test-drive)

Hi guys, this is Mika Ylisaukko-oja from SkyBlue Disc Golf, Team Westside Discs and Team Trilogy I figured I’d be doing a bit of a different video for you today I’ve just received a package that I ordered last week I’m pretty excited about it so I figured we’ll open it up together and see […]

Paige Pierce Disc Golf Clinic Clips | Mental Game

(motivating background music) – For me personally, I try not to get too excited or too upset, I just try to keep it level. I think I kinda picked up on that from Val Jenkins. She, like she said, “Don’t get too excited on the ace.” I mean, I’ve seen Val ace and she doesn’t, […]