DETAILS of the VW Golf GTI Performance 2018 | SOUND Interior Exterior

Thomas, Percy and Diesel | Hot Turbo Tug-of-War Challenge with Thomas and Friends!

Welcome, my friend, to the turbo tug of war challenge! Give it up to our first contenders! And they will be – Diesel 10 – very powerful engine! And his opponent – Oh, right! – Turbo Thomas! The contenders are ready and we can begin! Oh, man! What a powerful start is being demonstrated by […]

INSIDE the Volkswagen Golf R (2019) | Akrapovic SOUND In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone welcome to Alaatin61 today I have a very special car for you the most powerful Golf R there is this is the facelift you all are asking for it and tear this what I like are the seats with the our logos integrate looks very cool of course the exterior is also different […]

Volkswagen Golf estate 2014 – Carbuyer

If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable estate car with economical engine choices and a high quality interior, then take a look at the revised VW Golf Estate. With its new and stylish good looks it certainly trumps the outgoing model in this department. Everything has been taken into consideration here, the space is […]

Tug-of-War Challenge James, Gordon and Henry!

Welcome, our dear viewers, to a wonderful tug of war challenge! Let’s choose our first contenders … let me see .. Oh, let it be – James And the engine competing against him is … Sir Handel. Let’s wish the engines good luck! Sir Handel started actively pulling from the very beginning Well, it looks […]

Volkswagen Golf GTD 2017 review

The additional tax liability bullshit deciding what you drive is over. Everyone pays the same additional tax liability. That’s why the differences between fun cars and less fun cars are smaller. A bigger engine or cool options don’t cost that much extra. That’s why a car like this is interesting again. We’re driving the Volkswagen […]

**TUG OF WAR** John Deere 3032E VS. Kubota L3301

Now, what you all want to see, a straight tug-of-war between a Kubota L3301 and a John Deere 3032E. Here’s our two competitors, we have the John Deere over here on your left-hand side. The John Deere has a weight box here on the back. This is typically a thousand pound Kubota weight box but […]

Wheel Cleaning – How to clean aluminum and chrome plated wheels on all FCA vehicles.

Your wheels have a protective coating to prevent deterioration. But out on the road, they encounter dirt, salt, slush and harsh chemicals—elements that can destroy this protective coating and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to clean your wheels and wheel trim regularly—especially if they’re aluminum or chrome-plated. Abrasive or acidic wheel cleaners, polishing […]

Spark Plug Troubleshooting

The next thing you want to do is pull the spark plug out of it so I’m just going to pull the wire off, push it aside. Put a socket wrench on it nice and easy, spin it out and have a look. It’s quite clean, it’s got some blackness to it but there’s no […]

How to fix a Kubota’s RTV transmission

Hey guys we had a little mishap this morning we’re looking at is the actuator right here for the gears shift on a board RTV 900 and it’s stuck in Reverse so we basically had to back all the way home back into the garage and now we’re getting around to fixing it so what […]