Super Charged Hits: 30 of the Best Battery Charging Profiles of All Time

Super Charged Hits: 30 of the best battery charging profiles of all time. Straight from our battery lab to your electric drive vehicle or industrial machine. Featuring your lead acid battery favorites… You get charge profiles with every Delta-Q charger for all battery types! Starring Order now from Delta-Q Technologies! “Super Charged Hits” Read our […]

Wiring two charge controllers in parallel

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. So, do you ever wonder what happens if you’ve got a charge controller that is only big enough for the solar panels you’ve got, maybe one panel and a small charge controller, or you’ve got a whole array that’s maxed out. And you want to add more […]

Interview with Trojan Battery & Battery Maintenance Tips

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. I am here today with Jeff and Stacy from Trojan Battery Company. Now we’re going to talk a little bit about the history and the background of Trojan Batteries. Hello!Hello, thanks for having us.Hey! We’re glad to be here. So can one of you give me a […]

Trojan Battery Interview: Smart Carbon Additive

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. I’m here with Stacy and Jeff from Trojan Battery Company.Hello. So we’re going to talk about the latest technology the Smart Carbon. So can you give me an idea of what it is and what its advantages are?Sure, I’ll be glad to do that. With Smart Carbon, […]

Charging a golf cart with a solar panel using a Genasun charge controller

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. I wanted to take a minute to show you a really cool product from Genasun. It’s the GV-Boost. Now what it does is it allows you to take the power from a low voltage solar panel and charge a higher voltage battery bank. Now most MPPT charge […]