Smallest real VW Golf in the world! RollGolf 2.0 #3

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again We’ve shortened the back.. But… it doesn’t match the front anymore I think we should shorten the front as well Like this This is what I mean; a lot of air We don’t need that The cleans up nice Most of these parts I won’t use anymore That’s a […]

EPIC TUG-OF-WAR! Military 4×4 Humvee vs. Tank Tread Sno-Cat

– So a couple weeks ago we did a video about a vacuum cannon and in the background of that video, a couple of times, you could see this thing. What is this thing? – This is my high mobility multi-wheeled vehicle. – A lot of you guys thought that this was an H-1 Hummer […]

Ford Ka becomes Short Ka! Part 1#

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again I don’t have enough space to turn the car around I could clean the place to get more space.. Not what I’m going to do We can also downsize the car Let’s get rid of some unnecessary rubbish first It doesn’t fit anymore.. Another new logo! Nice The moment […]

FoamCore Basics Tutorial Guide FoamBoard model making: modeling tips and tricks for Designers

do you think it’s okay to cut foam-core like this with a dull exacto blade do you think it’s okay to tape your foam core or hot glue it and have the glue and the foam showing if you answered yes to any one of those questions and you think this is acceptable this video […]

Tractor Face-Off: John Deere vs. Cub Cadet | Consumer Reports

Considering a riding mower? If you’re buying a tractor for the first time, Consumer Reports says you might want to check out two starter models under $2000. The John Deere D130 and the Cub Cadet XT1 LT42. Both offer 42-inch cutting decks, the smallest you can get with a lawn tractor. And they feature automatic […]