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Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

I Got a Haircut from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Barber Shops | One Star Reviews

Don’t move, don’t move. If these were sheers I’d cut the skin. You’re not going to remove them right? You’ll just make them nice? Stay still, don’t move. It won’t hurt. Don’t move.Nice sneakers.Thanks man. I like your shoes too.Hello, and welcome back to One Star Reviews.My hair is growing a bit long.I haven’t had […]

Korea′s Tug-of-War gains status on UNESCO cultural heritage list

Tug-of-war - the game, I mean. We all know what that is. It′s a classic birthday party game for kids… AND not limited to children. Yes, where you line people up in two groups… on opposite ends of the rope… find a spot on the ground to mark as the middle… and off you go. […]

Chinese Culture: Chinese kids’ TUG of WAR in a theme park? چین میں رسّہ کشی – 拔河比赛在中国

Its Rope-Pulling .. Ok 你说什么? How do you say it (in Chinese) Báhé bǐsài (拔河比赛) In Urdu we call it Russa Kashi (رسّہ کشی) (its) difficult.. Ha – Aha .. (很 漂亮 。。 公园) Ha .. Very beautiful …. park 老师,笑一点儿 Teachers, (pl) smile a little ! Hi .. ha — ha

Who owns football? – VPRO documentary – 2014

Rio 2016: Team Korea wins bronze in women’s badminton doubles

Now let’s talk about that other medal for Team Korea — a bronze in women’s badminton doubles. Smashing their way to the podium,… Jung Kyung-eun and Shin Seung-chan…beat a duo from China, ranked second in the world, Two sets to nil. From the beginning the victory never looked in doubt, with Jung’s quick defense and […]

Korea′s mass tug-of-war gains UNESCO recognition 줄다리기, 한국 18번째 유네스코 인류무형유산 됐다

Another Korean tradition has been added to UNESCO′s list of cultural heritage,… and this Korean legacy is much more than just a game. Our Won Ji-hyun has the story. At first glance, this may just seem like… a massive game of tug-of-war. But in terms of tradition,… it means much more. This is a Korean […]

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