Animal House (3/10) Movie CLIP – Only We Can Do That to Our Pledges (1978) HD

And one, two… Company, halt! – Whoa. – [Horse Nickering]Dress that line. Dress that line, mister.Dress that line, soldier.Mister, hold my mount.You fat, disgusting slob.You’re a goddamn disgrace! A vicious mother, isn’t he? Yeah. He can’t do that to our pledges. Only we can do that to our pledges. Redo those buttons. Dress that belt […]

Fletch (8/10) Movie CLIP – Can I Borrow Your Towel? (1985) HD

Hi. Where’s Mrs. Stanwyk? In her cabana. I’m supposed to meet her. Cabana six? Cabana one. You would like something to eat or drink? Actually, I would. Charge it to the Underhills? Right. Do you have any caviar? Si, senor. Beluga. But it is $80 a portion. I better just take two portions. How’s the […]

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (6/10) Movie CLIP – Do My Wife (1996) HD

(crowd screaming) (firing) (snickering) This is cool. Ow! Cut it out, butthole. (woman screaming) Butt-head: Whoa. (screaming) (snickering) Hey, baby. I’m, like, pretty tall. Damn it. Cut it out, I’m trying to score. (guns firing) Bunghole. Hey, baby, how’s it going? Hey, hey, hey. No way, beavis. I saw her first. Damn it! I’m gonna […]

Jackass: The Movie (1/10) Movie CLIP – Alligator Tightrope (2002) HD

Oh, shit. There’s no such thing as failure, steve-o. Take another step. You got it. Aah. One thing I know is good tightrope-walking. (all laughing) Oh, no. Oh, yes. You’re cool. You’re good. Put the chicken on him! (laughing) Yeah! Yeah! Oh, shit. There you go. Yeah, there you go. Food, food, food, food, food. […]

Jackass: The Movie (9/10) Movie CLIP – Golf Course Airhorn (2002) HD

(whispering): Okay, this is called the… When people tee off When they’re coming down with their swing, We’re gonna blow these air horns. (air horn blares) (johnny snickering) (air horn blares) (snickering) Here she goes again. Johnny: No. It’s another one? (air horn blares) She still hit it pretty good. (air horn squeaks) (laughing) (air […]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (3/10) Movie CLIP – The Hotel on Acid (1998) HD

# She’s a lady # # Whoa-whoa-whoa She’s a lady # Hmm ? Mmm. # Talking about my little lady # – Come on, take the ticket. We’re busy here. – # And the lady is mine ## Come on, take the ticket. Take it. Take the ticket. – ## [ Continues ] – l […]