How to STICK SMASH Cross Court Around the Head, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the cross stick smash in around the head corner and I am gonna talk about the four key points to this job. The first key point which is also the main key point to this shot is the use of the forearm rotation. We want the swing to […]

How to Perform a Cross Net Shot, Forehand, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the cross net shot in the forehand side. we’re gonna talk about three key points and the first one is the upper body needs to be in line with the legs like this. Show the straight net shot and I want a slightly bend elbow and I want […]

Badminton Correction Singles (2) For Jet from Germany-2 (Do more straight shots)

Correction Singles (2) For Jet from Germany-2 (Unless you have good reason do more straight shots) Next one in my view, you are choosing too many cross shots watch this ready Perry so this is you yeah you are taking shuttle here you lift cross ok watch this opponent smashes, I will try to defend […]


For the forehand corner, i will do my directional split step left from right to the back I push with my left performing a che-che , maybe two, i do a scissor jump, Landing with left foot first and right afterwards, like this. So you need to hear your feet hit the ground two times […]

Badminton Fitness Training Type (13) Core Exercises

Badminton Fitness Training Type (13) 10 straight and 10 cross 20×3 sets or 40×3 sets up 1 down up 2 down up 3 down up 4 cross down up down up down up 1 down up 2 down up 3 down up 4 down up 5 down up 6 down up 7 down up 8 […]

Deception Cross Service Return , Badminton

We have a really cool deception shot in the doubles service return. I’m in my right field returning the serve from my opponent. What I want to do here is that I want to show my opponents that I am doing a short straight return Just before hitting the shuttle I move down and then […]

How to Build a Bridge

How to Build a Bridge. Of the many types of bridges, the simplest is the beam bridge, which can be as simple as a log placed over a creek. You will need 4 concrete pier blocks A level A shovel Hand tools Two support beams Four metal straps Planks Nails or bolts The load for […]

‘Build a buggy in your backyard’ part #1; engine & rear axle

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Welcome in my beautiful outdoor workshop It’s raining here, sort of bummer I’m working on a new project which is not finished yet and therefore I don’t have a very exciting video But of course I want to share it with you I’m building an offroad buggy I’ve done […]

Motorized go-cart (How to)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! How do you like my excellent bargain! a go-cart.. but.. It doesn’t has cranks that doesn’t drive well but we might have an engine which might fit that’s convenient! a lot of you asked me Show us how to motorize a go-cart This has an engine Good! And we […]