The More You Pay, The Better It Tastes, It’s Science!

this is a story from Cornell University basically found out that the more you pay for your food the better you think a taste yeah the Brian widened 16 who is the PhD in Co other this study he said we were surprised by the result especially we found that pricing had little impact on […]

Full Force

Hi, I’m a bounty hunter. Baba Dee Flatt! Hoooly… FUU- I wouldn’t sell a drink to me – it’s not wise to piss off a drunk old Jedi! …about the equivilant of a medium shield… AaAAaa I like my beans There’s still Sith out there… You don’t think so, then you’re wrong. Cooking With Fatty: […]

Loudmouth Golf Pants Collection

[Intro Music]>>Sweet Willy: Hey Chef’s how’s it going? Sweet Willy here and well we aren’t in the kitchen we are using the remote studio of the Mommy and Gracie show. I just wanted to say thank you so much so far for the support. We have achieved over 3500 subscribers. I want to keep on […]

How to Slav your car – How to be slav

Is your car as Boring as Potato from Last Season? slav=rtrt Does your car look like you borrowed it from Grandmama and forgot to give it back? Do you need more Slavness in your life? And just a bit more hardbasss? Well no problem! Boris is here to help! Here is 10 Simple ways how […]