Improving volleyball serves through motion tracking

[NICOLE RAY] So when you’re serving a volleyball from the ground, it’s really important to toss the ball out in front of you so that you’re stepping forward into your serve, giving the ball momentum to go over the net, reaching high so that you’re hitting the ball over the net and not into the […]

Football Player Convicted of Killing Cheerleader Ex-Girlfriend

UC Merced Women’s Volleyball Wins First Home Game

[ Cheering ]>>Well, since we seem like a small campus, I didn’t think we were going to have sports for a very long time and it’s really exciting.>>It’s actually really cool. It’s giving our university that college environment that you typically see on television, and it’s kind of catching us up to that, so it’s […]

George Brown Huskies Women’s Volleyball

[music] HEATHER LOCHHEAD: I wanted to join the George Brown volleyball team because I’ve always wanted to play varsity volleyball and I also saw it as a great opportunity to get trained by Dana Cooke. [music] DANA COOKE: My favourite part about being the head volleyball coach here at George Brown is getting to work […]

Scouting American Giants for Aussie Rules Football

(rhythmic electric music) – [Voiceover] When you see the players get the ball in their hand for the first time it’s a cross between intrigue and excitement. It’s great to see ’em try and bounce the ball and to see it actually bounce away. It can make the best of people look really, really silly. […]