Malala on cricket, travel, Bollywood and what she carries in her bag

So my friends and I sometimes play cricket, go out for dinner. We just sit in the garden, doing nothing Which is a problem because sometimes you have to be doing your essay, and you’re doing nothing. I just go crazy for cricket. Like I literally scream when I see a Pakistani player getting out, […]

A Day in the Life of a Student on TEXAS FOOTBALL Gameday | Saturdaze

(Dez) – What’s up, everybody? You’re probably wondering, “Where’s George?”. Is this even a coiski video? Don’t worry. George is still around. This is still a coiski video series. I’m Dez. I’m the host of your new favorite YouTube show, “Saturdaze” “Saturdaze” gives you the student point-of-view of your favorite universities on a Saturday. So […]

2016 Women’s Volleyball Promo

(uplifting music) – We’re really installing that fighting culture where we’re not gonna give up, we’re not gonna quit, we’re not always gonna be the most dominate team on the court, the most skilled team on the court, but we are gonna be the most competitive team. We are not gonna roll over, we’re not […]

GCU Beach Volleyball 2019 Season Preview

– You know, last year we were young and we had a lot of talent. I would say last year, up until the three years that I was here, probably one of the most talented teams we had, but we just couldn’t perform under pressure at times. I think that 50% of our losses were […]