Learn Badminton Serve – High Serve – Badminton Basics

Hi friends,Today we would be learning how to execute a High Serve This serve is mostly used while playing SIngles Try to serve as High as possible. But why? Because when you serve high the opponent has to look above and when the oppenent looks above he finds it difficult to find the position where […]

Badminton Doubles: Move Faster than the Shuttlecock

Level Doubles – Correction Move Faster than the shuttlecock You should have a fraction of time to set before you hit the shuttlecock Tim one more thing I made point last time but has not been improved is you are moving back to the rear corner not fast enough, you are moving with shuttlecock wrong […]

Badminton-Play To Win 11: Backhand Clear

Rear court play – Backhand Clear Backhand important thing to remember is do make side step first, that’s first thing don’t worry about the action that’s the second part because in badminton we need the right timing look ready, when you see the shuttle don’t move first watch shuttle and adjust the angle, change the […]

Badminton-How Your Elbow Should Be Set For Smash (Part 1)

In order to make best possible smash how the elbow should be set how the elbow should be used ok now watch this please set, shuttle is coming from there to here I am hitting shuttle from here to the other side there fore my elbow should be pointing straight backward to the shuttle cock […]

Badminton-Return of Low Service in Doubles

Return of Low Service I am going to show you return of low service in doubles posture the weight should be 60% to left foot here and about 40% on your right foot if you are right hander like this weight not center or not that way forward not too much forward then the flick […]

Badminton Smash (Question 5)

Question 5 True or False? A longer swing and turning body actions will increase the power of your smash. Question 5 in my view the answer is false, the reason when shuttle is coming from that side to this way and I am hitting back to the other side it can be hit best way […]

Badminton-How to Cover the full Court

How to Cover the Court Hello thanks for coming I am Lee in this video I would like to show you how to cover the court doubles and singles and mixed doubles you hit shuttle a corner and opponent always able to hit you straight angle to you or across or to the center center […]

Badminton Fitness Training Type (3) Leg Exercises

Badminton Fitness Training Type (3) Count 10 on your left foot when it goes up then change to your right foot to go up for 10 times. That is one set. Try 10(each foot) x 3 sets then increase it to 20(each foot) x 5 sets or 30(each foot) x 5 sets 1 2 3 […]

Deception spin curve shot in the backhand, badminton

This is a really neat trick. It’s the deception shot in the frontcourt. It´s in my backhand side close to the net. Usually used in the single, but can also be used in the doubles. What I’m gonna do here is that I want to trick my opponent thinking that I am doing a long […]