Cobra Baffler Hybrid Golf Club Review, Features and Benefits Video

This is the Cobra Baffler Rail H utility and for me it’s a joy to hit. Now Cobra were the people who originally came up with the idea of a hybrid club so you expect them to be the best and for me this one is. Certainly the features of the Cobra Baffler Rail have […]

Golf Basics, How to Get Started Golfing

Hi, I’m Justin, and today, I’m going to teach you what you need to know about getting started in golf. So, I’m going to start by teaching you the correct golf grip. Good golf grip allows the club face to stay square through impact. There are a few different grip options. First is overlapping. To […]

Golf Lessons:Golf Swing too Far Inside

Hi, PGA Master Instructor Dave Cahill here In sunny Palm Springs California. what a beautiful setting with the mountains in the background. Today I will discussing the problems Related to bringing the club back too much inside the plane line on the back swing. There are two different results that can take place, neither one […]

CSUN Gaming – Episode 5: The Archery Club

My goal is to make CSUN archery club a powerhouse in archery. My name is David Torres and I’m the CSUN archery club president. David : I first started in archery in Boy Scouts but I didn’t learned the actual NTS shot style yet. once I joined CSUN archery that’s where I was instructed on […]

One Hand Golf Swing Drill

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to show you a little drill that will really help improve your clubs connection with the golf ball. I call it the one hand swing drill. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] So. I am Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor and if this is the first […]


Hey Everybody its Blue Duckie. And welcome back to another doll review and today in this video we have the Archery Club Bunny Blanc to open up and check out with you guys. And she is the daughter of the white rabbit. And here is a look at the back of the box. With the […]

[BEHIND THE SCENES] Ballon d’Or Ceremony 2019

Well, it’s like I said before, I feel happy for this moment on a personal level. In sport, I try to improve every year and to keep working and improving. I never settle for individual awards, even though they are a very nice and important recognition to have for what they mean. But they are […]