Huge Volleyball Tournament inside Cardinals Stadium! Club Volleyball Vlog |

– Well, hello there guys. Welcome to our big and long volleyball weekend starting here on Friday night at, let’s see– – [Sierra] University of Phoenix– – University of Phoenix Stadium. Known as the Cardinals stadium. So they fill the field with tons of volleyball courts. – How many are there? Seems like a hundred. […]

5 Volleyball Games in 2 Days. How Many Can They Win? |

(energetic music) (indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] Nice. Go get it. Go get it. Oh, got it. (crowd cheers and applause) – [Woman] Out! – [Clintus] Good job, good job. Oh, good save, good save. Nice! Nice. Nice. Up, up, up, up! Good job, nice job. Ooh, push! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Come on, Sierra. Get in, stay in, […]

This Girl Loves Volleyball! |

– [Clintus] Well good morning ladies. – Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] Breakfast is served. Sierra made pancakes, Tiffany made bacon. – [Tiffany] Pancakes, huh? (beep) – [Clintus] Morning ladies. – Good morning. – Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] We got waffles, Sierra made waffles. Tiffany made pancakes. (Sierra laughs) (beep) […]

They’re Moving Up A Division 🏐 Club Volleyball Tournament |

– Alright boys and girls, it’s about that time for another volleyball tournament. Back to back weekends. That doesn’t happen very often. – Nope. – Nope. We’re here in way, way, way, way southeast Arizona. It’s like borderline Apache Junction/ San Tan Village/Queen Creek. Like we are way, way out here guys. Yeah, way out […]