Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Putting

(upbeat hip hop music) (zooming) – We’re gonna talk just real quick about putting and the mental part of the game. So, I love doing these two together, because I believe that they go hand-in-hand. Cuz putting is all mental. No, I can’t say, “This is the way you should putt. “You should draw back, […]

Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 2 – Backhand (Instructional Disc Golf video)

the thing I like about Disc Golf is this – what I consider the magic of Disc Golf and that’s when I throw a perfect shot and I can feel that shot leaving my hand and flying all the way of the target and I know exactly where its going and I know that I […]

How to choose a disc golf Putting Putter | Disc Golf Beginner’s guide

– For most people, when they start playing disc golf, they usually start out with discs that they’ve borrowed from their friends, or maybe discs that they found. And eventually they come to the point where they wanna buy their own discs. Well when you’re buying your own discs, arguably the most important disc is […]

Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Sidearm Throw

(technopop music) – Last year, going into the winter season, I was lucky enough to be living in California and I had a lot of time to go out and be in beautiful weather like it is today. It was like this all the time. So, I went out to the field a lot. My […]