TOP 5 Football boot technology that actually works – no gimmicks!

My friends Today we’re looking at a pretty cool top-five list over the boot technology that actually works See in these times of big ballertechnology and boundaries constantly being pushed or the football brands they need a standout technology to really set them apart from everyone else and to stay top of mind in your […]

These 3 football skills will shock your team mates | LEARN THEM

In my opinion I think it is the daily dedication, see a lot of videos and train a lot. Dedicate your self as a professional Either in a club or not, but you have to demand a lot from yourself to be the best. And learn from the trainers In my opinion it is the […]

LEARN FLASHY FOOTBALL SKILLS | advanced skill moves

LEARN GRIEZMANN FOOTBALL SKILLS | How to dribble like Antoine Griezmann

Today we’re gonna teach you five simple skill moves that are usually done on the pitch By Antoine Griezmann now Griese might not be the most flashy player ever But he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve and today. I’m gonna teach you five it Number five the heel chops step over turn […]